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Conquest is Australasia’s leading supplier of industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment. Our unbeatable range of industrial power sweepers, commercial power scrubbers and outdoor floor cleaning solutions is backed by a highly dedicated team with nationwide service and support. Our specialist floor cleaning equipment is available for outright purchase or long-term rental through our flexible rental options. Your floor cleaning equipment purchase is supported by a network of 14 Service Centres with 125 fully equipped service technicians throughout New Zealand.

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Flexible solutions for consistently clean floors

At Conquest, our experience, expertise and wide range of industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment means we confidently offer customers clean floors, guaranteed.

We built our business on customer service excellence and have grown by delivering the latest, innovative industrial floor cleaning technology to customers across a range of industries in New Zealand. With the largest range of industrial and commercial floor cleaning machines in New Zealand, we are able to tailor the ideal solution to solve your floor cleaning challenges. Explore our product range or let us help you get it right the first time with our Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP).

We understand that every organisation has unique floor cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking to invest in your own cleaning equipment or to hire, Conquest has a solution for you. Our fully serviced state-of-the-art commercial cleaning machines are also available for long-term hire. Talk to us about your needs and budget, so we can create a tailored plan for you.

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Why choose Conquest?
Clean floors, guaranteed.

We are dedicated to providing high quality commercial floor cleaning solutions and so committed to customer service excellence, we back our solutions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s just one of four unbeatable offers that show you how confident we are that our team and our technology will deliver.

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Our customers come clean:

“We chose Conquest Equipment Technologies because of the new innovative products that could do the tasks we require with excellent results. The machines we purchased from Conquest have made cleaning in certain areas much easier and have delivered better than expected results. The service, support and after purchase care has been great. “

Lyndsey Bowdler, Monash Health

“These machines have brought added efficiency to our site, being able to scrub every time a truck has come through brings the floor back up to standard and has improved the quality of our floors. Conquest has been fantastic to deal with, I have had a few difficult suppliers….which makes you appreciate the good ones.”

Phil Dempster, Purchasing, Burra Foods