The Problem

Parmalat is a fast paced company that specialise in the production of branded milk and dairy products, an industry tightly bound by the Dairy Food Safety Regulations. Particular areas of the facility required frequent cleaning and maintaining high levels of cleanliness was extremely time consuming especially when a mop and bucket was being used for smaller areas. Parmalat were constantly looking for smarter and faster ways of operating so when they were contacted by Conquest as part of a regular follow up, they took the opportunity to book an appointment for an on-site evaluation by a floor cleaning specialist.

The Conquest Solution

After visiting the Bendigo site Conquest identified the Genie B Power Scrubber as the perfect floor cleaning solution. The Genie B is ideal for cleaning small or cluttered areas and removes 100% of what it scrubs. Compared to using a mop, which can be quite messy, the Genie B leaves the area sanitized and dry which is an important feature for such a busy site as it reduces the risk of workplace accidents.

The Results

The Genie is 60% faster than using a traditional mop and bucket which dramatically increased productivity, not to mention the outstanding cleaning results and improved Occupational Health & Safety. The team at Parmalat Bendigo were so impressed with the Genie B that they purchased a second machine with hopes of more to come as the company expands.

“The Genie B has improved the cleaning process for the floors that were previously cleaned by mop and bucket as well as not having unsightly mops and buckets hanging around at filling stations. I would recommend Conquest’s Genie to any company that has small and hard to access areas that need cleaning on a regular basis.”

Tony Corrigan, Sanitation Manager, Parmalat Bendigo