The Problem:

The Mountain H2O spring water plant, located in lower New South Wales, was urgently requiring a machine to scrub and sanitise their floors. Due to the stringent hygiene levels of the spring water industry, reliability and productivity was imperative. A machine was needed that could perform in very large open areas as well as small congested areas. This is often a concern in the market which rarely can be fulfilled with one machine.

The Conquest Solution:

Most brands of scrubber machines were unsuitable for Mountain H2O as they were both too large and cumbersome for the tight areas, or too small to quickly and efficiently clean the larger open areas. Conquest had just the answer…The Conquest Enjoy 365 ride-on floor scrubber is a unique machine that suited both applications. It is a compact ride on unit that has the same foot print as a walk behind unit, therefore being able to operate in the confined spaces where no other ride-on could go! But also Conquest Enjoy 365 cleans the large open areas 30% quicker than using a walk behind scrubber of the same size, resulting in reduced operator fatigue, reduced cleaning time, and most important, cleaner floors.

The Results:

The Scrubber is now in full operation at the plant. It maintains the high hygiene standards set and is used for all production areas.

“The scrubber machine that we received from your company has been of a high standard and has been operating well. It gets used around the plant every day. I always see it in use. The guys love it! Conquest’s service is prompt. Response is very quick. Thank you for your co-operation and service towards this company.”


Warehouse Cleaner – Mountain H2O