The Challenge

Four Seasons Property Care was preparing the scope of a new facilities cleaning and maintenance contract, at a large-scale reputable freight depot in Airport West, Melbourne.

Four Seasons’ customer takes great pride in the presentation and maintenance of their facility.  However proving to be a challenge were the porous commercial floor tiles in the staff amenities building, which experiences heavy foot traffic from soiled work boots, combined with dust and forklift debris from the neighbouring warehouse.

Keen to provide an effective yet efficient result, Four Season’s called on their trusted supply partner Conquest, to determine a solution specifically tailored to their customer’s unique floor cleaning challenge.


Four Seasons Property Care - Conquest Sport Edge Floor Scrubber

The Solution

Following a free onsite assessment and subsequent demonstration on the tiled floors, Conquest determined the Sport Edge to be the right floor scrubbing machine for the task.

The Sport Edge  delivers a heavy duty scrub, with the trademark rectangular scrubbing head perfect for tackling the textured tiled floor surface.  Boasting variable speed traction drive, the Sport Edge produces even and consistent results while minimising operator effort and time on job.

The Result

The results were undeniable. The heavily soiled tiles throughout the kitchen, passage and staff locker room visibly and effortlessly transformed to their former glory with a single pass.  No more time-consuming mopping and wet floors.  No more built up dirt and grime.

Satisfied with the results of the Sport Edge in the staff amenities building and their experience with Conquest, Four Seasons have since also purchased a ride-on GTX power scrubber and a PB115 ride-on floor sweeper, for larger walkways and warehouse spaces.

Conquest Tomcat Sport Edge Floor Scrubber

“The level of clean afforded by the Edge Scrubber has been nothing short of outstanding. My customers have been most impressed with the capability of this little scrubber, working to remove the most stubborn of stains and deep dirt, leaving tiled floors and warehouse floors squeaky clean and dry, ready to walk on with no disruption to customer operations.

Equally the heavy duty PB115 rider sweeper shines in my customers’ warehouses. This machine is always ready and reliable to get the job done, with great manoeuvrability and ease of use. This sweeper alone has reduced labour hours at our largest site by 70%, vastly increasing productivity over previous cleaning methods, saving my company money while cleaning quickly and well.”
– Eileen Singh, General Manager at Four Seasons Property Care



For a custom solution specifically tailored to your unique floor cleaning challenge, book a free onsite assessment at your facility.