Tanya Mulcahy is the proud owner of five McDonald’s franchises, including the largest McDonald’s restaurant in the Southern Hemisphere located in the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane.

This large 24hr facility welcomes around 40,000 customers through their doors every week, bringing with them a large amount of dirt and grime that becomes embedded into the non-slip tiles.

The current cleaning process was taking crew members up to 8 hours per night with a mop to clean the entire restaurant and still not lifting the dirt and grime from the tiles.

Faced with this unique floor cleaning challenge, it was recommended for Tanya to contact Conquest for a clever cleaning solution.

National Key Account Manager, Tony Millar, attended the site and by following our Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP), he determined that an oscillating floor scrubber like the Conquest Sport Edge floor scrubbing machine was ideal for this application.

Tony provided an onsite demonstration of the Sport Edge leaving Tanya and her team amazed by the difference that this tile scrubber machine had made to their floors, thanks to the powerful orbital Edge technology.

Not only were they impressed by the results, restoring the tiles to better than new condition this industrial floor scrubber was saving them incredible amounts of time decreasing cleaning time from 8 hours per night to 1-2 hours per night.

Watch the video to hear from Tanya as she shares her experience with the Conquest Sport Edge orbital floor scrubber.

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