Mainfreight’s large Sydney site was proving too much of a challenge for their existing floor cleaning equipment. The cleaning width of the machine was far too narrow for the space, and the hopper required frequent emptying, thus making the process slow and frustrating for operators. Although the power sweeper had come highly recommended from the supplier, it simply wasn’t the efficient cleaning solution that Mainfreight required.

Conquest product expert Robert Churchill attended the site to conduct a free onsite assessment. Upon liaising with Mainfreight’s Fleet Manager, Tony Howard, it was quickly determined that the existing sweeper was inadequate to perform effectively given the size of the facility.

However, Mainfreight wanted more than a simple machine upgrade. They requested that the new power sweeper match their existing fleet of onsite vehicles, and carry the company’s unique name and brand colours.


Mainfreight's Conquest Power Sweeper


Through implementing our Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP), Conquest identified that greater cleaning performance and a larger waste hopper would allow operators to run Mainfreight’s power sweepers longer, increasing efficiencies. Plus, a wider sweep path would reduce the time taken to cover the site.

Featuring a 1900mm sweep path and 500ltr waste hopper, Conquest recommended the PB180LPG power sweeper, and demonstrated how the machine would deliver an efficient clean across the facility.

Working with Mainfreight to understand their brand guidelines, Conquest put the icing on the cake, and delivered an impressive power sweeper wrap design to match the balance of their vehicle fleet.


Through taking the time to understand Mainfreight’s unique set of requirements, Conquest delivered a floor cleaning solution that not only exponentially improved efficiencies at the Sydney facility, but was also fully customised to their brand.

Our flexible approach ensures Conquest can provide commercial and industrial floor cleaning solutions tailored specifically to your unique requirements, to achieve the best results for your site. Whether it’s additional safety features, road registration or even rebranding – Conquest will be there to deliver.

That’s why Conquest is the clever way to clean.



Conquest Power Scrubber at Mainfreight Sydney

Finding commercial cleaning equipment suited to your facility can be a challenge. With the aid of our Intelligent Solutions Program and flexible range of cleaning machines, Conquest can provide a hard floor cleaning solution tailored to your unique business needs.