The Search for a Robust Floor Sweeper Machine

At their Altona, Victoria, site Manheim auction hundreds of vehicles every week. The nature of this site and the volumes of traffic meant that there was always dust and debris everywhere. A contractor was being brought in with limited success.

The Conquest Solution

Conquest was invited in to assess the site which had many varying areas and surface types. The machine was going to be used and abused by many different operators so it had to be robust. The Conquest PB 155 LPG floor sweeper machine was the answer due to the simple operation (limiting training), robust construction and competitive pricing.

The Results

The Conquest PB 155 has improved the whole environment at Manheim, helping to maintain their professional image. The site manager said:

“The sweeper is brilliant for our warehouse. It cleans the floor so well, getting in so close to the edges. Conquest provides terrific service. We have all sorts of people driving and abusing our floor sweeper machine but if it’s broken down it’s up and going again by the next day. It has stood up to all sorts of treatment as far as quality goes. We did our homework before we purchased and knew it was value for money. Our problem with the contract sweeping is over – they couldn’t get into all our areas and it didn’t sweep as well as the Conquest model does. Having our own machine keeps the place clean and tidy all the time. This helps our whole environment and staff. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is looking at a Conquest Sweeper”.

Altona Site Manager