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Everyone wants their commercial space to be clean and tidy, but the industry also faces some unique cleaning challenges. That’s why you need a machine that’s versatile and efficient.

One obstacle to commercial floor cleaning is the range of different floor types found in commercial buildings. Textured surfaces, outdoor tiles, carpets, rubber flooring, and coated surfaces are just a few of the materials you might encounter. While a hotel may make use of wood flooring, a shopping centre might have mosaic tiles.

You may even find a variety of flooring types within one building, making your cleaning task even tougher. Within an industrial facility, you might find both wet areas and dry concrete, which means you need a cleaning solution that can handle a range of flooring types at one time. The right machine can move from commercial tiles to floor covering with ease, making the job faster, easier, and more effective.

In addition to flooring types, commercial spaces also vary significantly in size, and with different sized spaces come different cleaning needs. Your commercial building will likely have small and large areas, for example, convention centres may need to clean both a large car park and a small gathering area. In order to clean every space effectively, your commercial floor sweeper or scrubber needs to be versatile and powerful. You may also need access to a range of commercial cleaning equipment to create a comprehensive cleaning solution for your site.

The commercial industry must also deal with limited cleaning timeframes. In some circumstances, customers or employees are consistently moving in and out of the building. In these cases, floor cleaning must be highly efficient so that business can continue to run smoothly and without interruption. Some commercial spaces, such as airports, are always open. This non-stop operation means that floor cleaning needs to be both fast and non-disruptive. To satisfy this challenge, commercial cleaning machines must be efficient enough to get the job done fast, and powerful enough to clean all surfaces with only one pass.

In addition to time and size obstacles, the commercial industry also faces space challenges. Your site may be open and accessible or packed with product. No matter how your space is arranged, one thing is certain: you need every inch of flooring cleaned, not just the areas that are easy to reach. That means commercial cleaning needs a clever and agile solution. The right floor sweeper or scrubbing machine needs innovative technology that allows it to enter into the tight spaces that make up your building. Corners need to be cleaned, rounded edges must be swept, and narrow aisles should be blemish-free in order for your staff or customers to enjoy an impressive clean.

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Machines tough enough for commercial challenges.

Although commercial real estate faces unique challenges, Conquest offers machines to conquer them all. Conquest industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers are robust and sturdy while remaining versatile. The Conquest PB180DK-4 commercial floor sweeper boasts a massive number of features to clean commercial property faster and more effectively.

The machine’s 1500mm-wide sweeping path uses a main broom and single side broom to cover large areas quickly, which means your commercial space is cleaned faster. An additional side broom can be used to increase the sweeping path makes even the biggest jobs seem small, making this commercial sweeper perfect for your shopping centre, industrial facility, airport, or hospitality space.

The Conquest PB180DK-4 power sweeper is driven by a robust, four-cylinder, 36 HP water-cooled engine, allowing it to muscle through even the most demanding sweeping tasks with ease. The powerful motor means your commercial space will be left dirt, dust, and debris-free in no time.

One of the most important features for commercial spaces is the self-levelling spring-loaded brush. This innovative addition means the sweeper can clean across different surfaces without stopping to make manual adjustments. This versatility allows all of your flooring types to be cleaned with just one machine, and also decreases the cleaning time by eliminated multiple stops for adjustment. Less time cleaning your commercial space means more time your customers and employees can enjoy the clean.

The Conquest PB180DK-4 commercial floor sweeper is ideal for commercial applications, but it’s not the only Conquest machine to consider. Conquest provides a huge portfolio of equipment for a diverse range of industries, from mining to retail. Download the product catalogue to find the right commercial cleaning machine for your site.

A clean commercial space is an enjoyable one. Contact Conquest today to discover the clever way to clean.

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Conquest MMG Plus Ride-on Scrubber:

The Magna/Magna Plus has an extended run time with a 36v battery, as well as an oval-shaped, self-contained design so brushes and squeegees don’t protrude. It’s extremely ergonomic and simple to operate – clear vision makes it almost like driving a car rather than an industrial piece of equipment. Moreover, it won’t hurt the operator’s back. Its recovery tank covers large areas like hangers without stopping to empty and refill. The machine features a super fast drive mode, which is great for quick spill clean-ups. The Magna Plus also allows speed limiting, with 3 different speed settings.

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“Conquest Equipments EDGE Series machines do the absolute best job of maintaining our tiles without any accelerated surface wear. This ensures best possible product service life and long term compliance. Did I mention you also get sparkling clean floors?!”

Johan Zetterlund, Architectural Representative, Surface Evolution
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