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Cleaning machines specifically designed with hospitals and healthcare in mind.

A clean environment is essential in a healthcare facility. That’s why the industry needs commercial cleaning equipment specifically designed with hospitals and healthcare in mind.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to maintain a high level of cleanliness, not only in order to comply with strict medical standards, but also to provide healthy, comfortable care for patients. Public health buildings vary in size, purpose, and layout, and each produce cleaning challenges specific to healthcare.

One of the most critical requirements in healthcare and hospital cleaning is health and safety demands. Because staff, patients, and visitors are regularly rushing across hospital floors, industrial cleaning equipment for hospitals needs to ensure that no surface is left wet after cleaning – avoiding potential slip hazards.

In addition to dry floors, hospitals may also require surfaces to be sterilised to healthcare standards. This requires industrial floor cleaning equipment. Innovative Conquest power scrubbers reduce the amount of chemical solution required to achieve a hospital-grade clean, saving money and the environment.

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Featured product

Conquest Maxima Walk-behind Scrubber

Sleek, smart and strong, the Conquest Maxima 50Bt floor scrubbing machine features innovative design, advanced technology and powerful scrubbing action to make swift work of the toughest healthcare cleaning challenges. Versatile and efficient, the Conquest Maxima 50Bt can hold a polypropylene brush or pad, for achieving maximum results on both smooth and textured floor surfaces.

Another challenge within the healthcare industry is the diverse range of surfaces found in many hospitals. Certain wards and wings may differ in material, such as tiles, concrete, and coated surfaces, making cleaning a tough task. Commercial cleaning equipment must be able to adapt to differing surfaces, moving from one to another without stopping for manual adjustment. Floor scrubbers must also be able to effectively clean and sanitise difficult non slip flooring to ensure the health and safety of both patients and staff.

Many healthcare facilities, hospitals and care homes need patients and residents to be able to rest peacefully, which means that cleaning must also be as quiet as possible. Noise-sensitive environments require industrial floor scrubbers that deliver an effective and efficient clean with minimal disruption. They need to cover ground quickly and reach all the way to edges and into corners to deliver a complete clean without having a secondary process.

Machines designed for healthcare needs

Unlike many other industries, hospitals and healthcare facilities must be not only free of dirt and debris but also free from germs and contaminants. That means a hospital scrubbing machine must pick up dirt and dust and sanitise floors in one step. Clean hospital corridors are paramount, and ensuring floors are disinfected helps keep patients and staff healthy.

Supplying some of the world’s most advanced sweepers and scrubbers, Conquest has powerful cleaning machines for the healthcare industry that have been specifically designed with hospitals and clinics in mind.

Conquest can help conquer your healthcare cleaning challenges in more ways than one. We’ve assisted many large hospitals improve their floor care by providing compact ride-on scrubbers that save cleaning time, walk-behind scrubbers such as the Conquest Sport Edge for dry stripping and tackling difficult non-slip surfaces, and very quiet walk-behind scrubbers for discreet cleaning in sensitive areas.

Another product in our range of industrial cleaning equipment for healthcare is the Conquest MAXIMA 50BT Plus: a top-of-the-range walk-behind floor scrubber packed with features for healthcare cleaning needs. This high-powered, innovative scrubbing machine uses the latest technology to provide uniform cleaning results across all floor surfaces – and does it all at an industry low noise level of just 58 decibels.

This machine gives operators total control with an easy-to-use touch screen interface and is battery powered for added convenience. Featuring a clever water flow system, the Conquest MAXIMA 50BT industrial floor scrubber reduces water and detergent consumption by up to 66%, offering an environmentally friendly clean. The machine even features an Eco Mode that uses less water, detergent, and energy. The onboard water recycling system increases water capacity, which allows the machine to work for longer periods and reduces water waste.

The MAXIMA 50BT’s innovative features are beneficial to the healthcare industry, cleaning quickly and quietly and producing the most hygienic clean.

Clean Floors Guaranteed

At Conquest we are renowned for our 100% satisfaction, clean floor guarantee, providing you with peace of mind at time of purchase. Our free on site assessment will ensure you get the right machine for the job. Together with our unique Intelligent Solutions Program, enjoy the confidence of our 100% clean floors guarantee.

Conquest offers an array of industrial cleaning equipment for clinics, but you may not be sure which one is right for your facility. To help narrow your search, you can download Conquest’s Pricing Guide. These resources will help you discover the right machine at the right price.

If you’re still not sure, Conquest will extend a free onsite assessment that will help you choose the machine that will tackle your most difficult cleaning tasks. By opting for a floor tiles site assessment, you’ll ensure you get the right machine the first time.

A clean facility is the first step in providing superior healthcare service. A clean environment ensures your building is healthy and comfortable, but achieving the perfect clean is not without its challenges. From sanitation to sound reduction, you need a commercial floor cleaner machine that will conquer all your cleaning concerns. Fortunately, Conquest has you covered.

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