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Leave your spaces spotless with powerful floor scrubbers and sweepers designed with the manufacturing industry in mind.

Manufacturing facilities need to be kept safe and clean, which poses unique challenges to achieving brilliantly clean floors. Commercial cleaning products designed for the manufacturing sector must be powerful, stable, safe, and agile.

One of the most significant challenges within manufacturing industries is the prevention of contamination within facilities. Manufacturing buildings must be kept dirt and debris-free, controlling dust and keeping floors free from contaminants to ensure a safe, high quality production environment. Stringent hygiene standards within the industry make an effective floor cleaning solution absolutely critical. Industrial floor scrubbers must employ the latest technology to keep spaces clean and sanitary.

Most manufacturing (MfG) businesses will also face the challenge of tyre marks from essential tools such as forklifts or pallet trollies at their facility. Whether you need to clean a power station or steelworks, a heavy-duty floor scrubber machine is necessary to remove pesky tyre marks and maintain clean, stain-free floors.

In addition to tyre marks, MfG facilities also face the daunting task of cleaning heavy debris. This is especially true in heavy-duty construction manufacturing spaces. Whether you run an aluminum smelter or manufacture machinery, you’re sure to have an abundance of offcuts and rubbish that must be removed quickly and safely. This task requires a floor cleaning machine that’s both powerful and stable, able to eliminate debris and leave behind a spotless surface.

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Conquest CRZ Ride-on Scrubber

Our CRZ complements both of the above machines. Sweepers take the dust, dirt and debris from the surface while scrubbers remove grime. This machine is an industrial grade scrubber, which suits agricultural environments. It has the capability to clean some of the toughest stains and marks on the floor. Wash gun attachment is standard, cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as around and under fixed equipment.

We understand the floor cleaning challenges for the manufacturing industry

A significant cleaning challenge within the manufacturing industry is the range of surfaces that must be cleaned. Within your facility, there may be several different industrial flooring materials, from concrete to coated. To ensure an impressive clean, a concrete cleaning machine for the manufacturing sector must be able to move from one surface to the next with ease. Automatically adapting to each surface means you save yourself time and enjoy a more detailed clean.

Many manufacturing buildings don’t just have several flooring materials, but also have uneven floors. This can pose a problem for basic or outdated floor cleaning machines. A commercial floor scrubber must be agile and stable, with superior traction, in order to tackle uneven surfaces. Conquest’s industrial strength floor scrubbers and sweepers use the latest technology to adapt to rugged terrain to produce a spotless clean no matter the surface.

Tackle tough cleaning with industrial floor machines

Conquest provides a variety of commercial cleaning equipment to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks.

The Conquest XR ride-on commercial floor scrubber leads the pack in floor scrubbing machines. This machine is built tough, ready to tackle even the largest cleaning jobs with ease.

With the ability to turn in a 1930mm aisle, the Conquest XR scrubbing machine can navigate tight spaces within your manufacturing facility. The tight turn ensures that no dust, dirt, or debris is left behind, giving you clean and safe working facilities.

The machine’s heavy-walled, roto-molded tanks withstand the knocks and bumps that come with uneven terrain, making it perfect for manufacturing applications.

Although Conquest supplies commercial cleaning equipment for a range of industries, as industrial cleaning equipment manufacturers, we offer a number of machines specifically suited to the manufacturing sector. Machines like the Conquest XR floor scrubber are adaptable across different surfaces, powerful enough for heavy applications, and stable to ensure the utmost safety conditions.

For many years, Conquest has worked with Australian manufacturers to improve cleaning efficiencies while maintaining the ever-increasing need for spotless and safe working facilities. Whether you require a commercial floor machine or power scrubber, we have what you need to meet and exceed your cleaning requirements.

We give you even more reasons to choose Conquest with our Conquest 360 offer. Our promise to you includes a customer satisfaction guarantee, a 60-day money back guarantee, a fully flexible rentals policy, and a 4-year parts and labour warranty. Conquest 360 gives you the peace of mind you need to maintain safe and sanitary manufacturing facilities.

Choose a Conquest industrial-strength floor scrubber or sweeper to keep up with your toughest manufacturing cleaning needs. Contact us today to see how our commercial floor cleaning equipment can get you the very best clean.

It can even climb steep ramps and has a powerful motor to clean the heaviest of offcuts. In fact, the robust motors typically only run at 50% capacity, ensuring there is plenty of power in reserve for times where heavy scrubbing and cleaning is required.

The Conquest XR commercial floor scrubber also keeps the driver’s comfort in mind. It utilises an adjustable seat and armrest, along with a simple Central Command System, to prevent fatigue and help the operator finish the job faster.

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“Conquest Equipments EDGE Series machines do the absolute best job of maintaining our tiles without any accelerated surface wear. This ensures best possible product service life and long term compliance. Did I mention you also get sparkling clean floors?!”

Johan Zetterlund, Architectural Representative, Surface Evolution
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