Minimising the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your investment in commercial cleaning equipment is paramount. Here we offer five steps to minimise TCO, from product selection through to ensuring your floor sweeper or scrubbing machine remains in peak operating condition for the life of the machine.

1. Choose the right commercial cleaning equipment for your needs

Essential to achieving a quality result with you floor cleaning equipment, is ensuring your investment is the right machine for your specific floor cleaning requirements. That is why we developed the Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP), a guided 8-step process that determines the ideal solution specifically tailored to your floor cleaning requirements. We believe so passionately in ensuring you receive the ideal solution for your floors, that we back our recommendation with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

2. Thorough operator training and best practice

Machine misuse, either through lack or operator knowledge of lack of care, is the leading cause of equipment damage and costly emergency repairs. Having a dedicated and fully trained operator and keeping a driver log book, as well as avoiding debris and operating with care, is best practice to minimise the costs of equipment downtime and repairs.

Conquest Managing Director, Michael Mathews says, “we have seen a considerable reduction in machine misuse and machine damage when operators are held accountable”. This is why we provide onsite operator training, to ensure operators are confident operating their Conquest machine in their own environment. And as a further precaution, Conquest now offer pin code and swipe card access on request.

3. Perform daily maintenance

It is important that you inspect your floor cleaning equipment prior to each use. By doing so, you ensure your machine continues operating at peak performance and reduce the risk of unnecessary machine downtime.

Conquest can provide you with a daily checklist to guide you through basic maintenance requirements before operating your machine. This includes a visual check of the machine, checking all safety lights are working correctly and that lead acid batteries have sufficient fluid.

4. Clean machine after each use

As part of ongoing maintenance of your machine, it is important that the machine is cleaned and stored appropriately after each use. It is advised to clean and store oscillating floor scrubber pads away from the machine to dry, plus clean machine tanks and the waste hopper to avoid unpleasant smells. If applicable, shake clean any filters fitted to the machine and where relevant, return the machine to charge after each use.

5. Engage a scheduled service maintenance program tailored to your needs

Keeping up-to-date with routine maintenance of your commercial cleaning equipment provides peace of mind that your machine will continue to deliver optimal results, and reduces the risk of unexpected and potentially costly breakdowns. Preventative maintenance reduces machine downtime and keeps your machine functioning at peak performance.

Conquest have developed a range of flexible, scheduled service maintenance programs that can be fully tailored to your needs. We also offer fully maintained rental options, including allocation for parts and consumables. Chat with us to discover how our Conquest Silver and Platinum Service contracts can support you in minimising total cost of ownership of your floor cleaning equipment.