When a machine is perfect in every way but one, a little clever engineering does the trick!

Acidic chemicals used to clean floors at Hazeldene’s chicken farm ensured that the site remained safe and free of harmful bacteria. However, these same chemicals were having a disastrous effect on the cleaning equipment used. Switching to a more machine-friendly chemical wasn’t an option. Hazeldene’s had high hygiene quality standards to maintain, even if it meant wearing out two machines in just two years.

The repairs and maintenance costs that went in to getting value out of these machines was quickly turning them into a liability rather than an asset to the business. Aware of this challenging situation, Conquest suggested conducting a site assessment at Hazeldene’s to identify how a Conquest machine might be better suited to the harsh environment.

For the space and area to be cleaned, a GTX ride-on scrubber was ideal. As a fully maintained rental, the machine would be covered by a service agreement that included preventative maintenance. The ability for technicians to spot, and stop, small problems before they become expensive break-downs is key to reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This took care of most of the problem, but the central issue remained: would the machine withstand the corrosive force of the cleaning solution?

The GTX is a heavy-duty model, but there were some areas of concern. The scrub deck and undercarriage were identified as being most at risk to corrosion, and before Conquest could supply this machine to Hazeldene’s, they needed to be sure it would last. Hazeldene’s truly had unique cleaning needs, and this was a challenge that Conquest was determined to conquer.

The answer was clever engineering at its best. Stainless steel plates were installed to protect the scrub deck and undercarriage from exposure to chemicals, minimising the potential for corrosion. This feature wasn’t present in any of the other cleaning equipment Hazeldene’s had seen before.

Having dealt with Conquest in the past, Hazeldene’s engineering manager was confident that the offered solution would meet their needs, and the customised GTX began operation at Hazeldene’s in 2013. Not only did the steel plates successfully prevent the machine from damage, staff found the GTX easier to manoeuvre and more efficient to run.

Going above and beyond to meet the unique needs of our clients is a part of Conquest’s core philosophy. Even when a stock model isn’t enough, clever engineering can solve even the toughest challenge.

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