At Conquest, we strive to remain at the forefront of floor cleaning innovation as we continue to deliver cutting edge technology and market-driven solution to our customers. Drawing on market insights and customer feedback, Conquest have identified three key challenge areas within the cleaning industry: productivity, safety and the environment. These three areas form the focal point and driving force behind our ongoing investment in cleaning equipment innovation.

Innovation for improved productivity

Improving productivity and defining new efficiency standards whilst minimising labour costs is a common theme for businesses. Conquest work hard to help our customers understand areas where productivity may be improved by negating the need for manual processes. To this end, we proudly offer solutions that enable operators to work smarter, not harder. We also travel far and wide to identify innovations that will overcome barriers to productivity. For example, when adapting our range of EDGE series orbital floor scrubbers to a rectangular oscillating cleaning pad, operators had the new ability to clean right up to the wall and into squared corners, eliminating additional manual cleaning processes and saving on unnecessary labour by up to a 70%.

All Conquest floor scrubbing machines are designed to provide maximum down pressure and speed, to deliver outstanding results with impressive run time between battery charges. Large tanks also support extended use time between refill and empty. Combined, this equates to the ability to clean larger surface areas, quickly.

Smart technology and simple new features continue to add to Conquest’s offering, in support of improving our customers’ productivity. Intuitive controls and LCD touchscreens assist in streamlining tasks, while video tutorials assist with operator training and revision. Washdown guns and vacuum wands allow easy cleaning of both the machine, and those hard to reach spaces. Many of these add-on innovations evolve and in time, are adopted as the standard.

Innovation for Workplace Health and Safety

Minimising risk and promoting safety in commercial and industrial spaces is paramount. Workplace Health and Safety policies must be adhered to so that the number of incidences can be reduced and employees and visitors are kept safe. Consequently, employers enjoy the benefits of reduced absenteeism and minimised injury recovery time.

Conquest have always been dedicated to providing safe floor cleaning solutions that can be tailored to fit your unique work environment and adhere to specific Health & Safety policies. We offer a variety of optional customisations including seatbelts, overhead guards, light kits and reflective strips to ensure your machine meets even the most stringent site requirements.

At the more advanced end of the scale, Manager Lock Out functionality is an increasingly popular innovation, preventing unauthorised and potentially unsafe machine operation while ensuring performance settings remain static. We’ve also seen increasing popularity in Emergency Stop functionality for walk behind floor scrubbing machines, enabling the operator to halt the machine immediately if the handle is released.

Ergonomic design continues to grow in importance, with a view to minimising operator risk with extended use. But perhaps one of the biggest trends within the industry is the lean towards battery powered technology, promoting reduced emissions and lowered noise output at much safer levels.

Innovation for the environment

Globally there is a significant push towards greener solutions and a lowered carbon footprint within industry, and the commercial cleaning space is no different. Environmentally-aware companies are pursuing cleaning regimes that minimise the impact on the environment, including reduced noise pollution, lower emissions and less chemical waste that may end up in our delicate natural water systems. Plus, Australia being the driest inhabited continent on earth, minimising water use is of particular concern within our environment.

Conquest has long had concern for the environment at the forefront of our innovations, which has moved us to deliver machines like the EDGE Series oscillating floor scrubber. This highly efficient machine delivers chemical-free floor cleaning reducing the need for toxic chemicals and reducing water consumption by up to 50%. Some of our latest floor scrubbing machines feature water recycling systems, plus separate dosing to reduce water and chemical waste. Our unique EcoSweep 360 is a battery powered street sweeper highlighting advanced technology geared towards effective, emission-free and low-noise cleaning, without disturbing the public or wildlife.

What’s next?

The cleaning industry’s ultimate goal is seamless automation technology, and research is ongoing to perfect the science ahead of mass launch. At Conquest, we will continue to actively monitor and pursue global innovations to remain at the forefront of cutting edge technology, through attendance at global industry trade events and international research trips to liaise with the technology leaders. Conquest is committed to continued research and development at a global scale, to bring to the Australian market the most advanced floor cleaning solutions that deliver on productivity, safety and environmental concerns.

Stay tuned, as we plan to introduce several new innovations to the Australian market throughout 2018 and beyond!