James Cash Penney, the founder of American department store empire, JC Penney said “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”. At Conquest we believe it takes a team to foster continual company growth and maintain a successful business. In support of this Conquest are pleased to welcome consulting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Matthew Kelly to the team.

“It’s been a pleasure to start working with Conquest as their CFO. It’s been great getting to know the team” says Kelly, he sees Conquest as dedicated to being the “best in their field” and believes that the addition of a CFO provides the team with expertise in financial planning. This provides a clear direction for Conquest allowing them to safely and securely continue to grow as a company.

A welcome asset to the team, Kelly brings with him two decades of accounting and financial management experience, featuring a strong focus on optimising business strategies. In the beginning, Kelly’s role at Conquest involved reviewing the decisions that lead to the 2020 budget allocations, comprehensive management of cash flow and ensuring that all department managers are clear on the company goals. “As a family business, the day to day financial transactions are well managed, although we have been able to make some reporting improvements to streamline processes yet retain financial accuracy” states Kelly.

Kelly and the Conquest team are now fine tuning the three-year plan, setting a clear course for Conquest to be able to continue to offer state of the art floor cleaning machines with premium after sales service and support to the Australasian market, with the resources in place to support this vision. Kelly says “I’ve been impressed with Conquest’s commitment to best serving their customers while retaining a dynamic and responsive approach to the market’s needs, and I look forward to assisting in the business’ ongoing development.”