Conquest is pleased to announce that they are the only authorised distributor for the world renowned Rotowash range of scrubbing machines for the Eastern States of Australia.

Rotowash is amongst the pioneers in the design and manufacture of compact scrubber dryer machines and have perfected the twin cylindrical counter rotating brush technology. A very robust range of machines that deliver incredible results on a variety of hard and soft floors the Rotowash range was the perfect fit into the Conquest line up of floor cleaning machinery.

A unique combination of up to 300,000 bristles rotating at 650 RPM and exerting up to ten times the pressure of conventional rotary scrubbers, the Conquest Rotowash delivers exceptions cleaning power with the bristles reaching deep into the irregularities of floor surfaces such as grouted tiles, studded rubber, entrance matting and carpeted surfaces.

Change the brushes on the larger Conquest Rotowash machines and you have a very economical and effective escalator cleaner. Simply place the machine on the bottom step of the escalator and it is cleaned and dried in a matter of minutes.

The Conquest Rotowash machines were selected to be added to the Conquest range due to their robust nature. These machines have been designed and manufactured for heavy duty commercial and industrial applications. A very simple design, with very few moving parts makes the Conquest Rotowash a reliable and cost effective option.

In line with Conquest’s reputation of providing a high level of service and support to everything they supply, Conquest will be holding a large inventory of spare parts and consumables for all new and existing models in the range.

If you are interested in investigating this exciting new range for your own use or to distribute them, please call us today on 1800 82 6789.

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