So-called ‘green’ cleaning has been trending in the commercial and industrial cleaning sectors for a number of years. Not too long ago, however, ‘going green’ was simply a matter of switching to more environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Today, it has evolved to become more than just lip service; true environmental protection is a key strategy for many successful businesses.

This focus on environmentally-friendly commercial and industrial cleaning is part of increasing awareness about the state of our natural world. We are constantly being reminded about climate change and seeing the evidence of humankind’s impact on our world. Just think about how environmental activist Greta Thunberg stirred up world leaders at the United Nations recently, and the protests that erupted with the burning of the Amazon rainforest.

These are examples of large, high-profile environmental events. However, many of us are realising that being green begins with smaller changes right here at home. We want to see our employers and government leaders introduce environmental strategies that benefit our future.

For example, dust and litter control – primarily in urban centres – are both issues that require ongoing consideration, particularly with increasing new development and landfills becoming saturated. This is to prevent public health problems developing, secure our waterways and achieve town beautification objectives.

Ongoing commitment to green initiatives

The New Year traditionally ushers in resolutions to start doing something new and more positive. However, in the case of Conquest, we plan on continuing the New Year (and new decade) with our push for a cleaner, greener environment by offering environmentally-friendly indoor and outdoor floor cleaning solutions.

We have long led the charge with innovation in the commercial and industrial cleaning sector. Our products support environmentally-aware companies who increasingly follow practices that minimise the impact on the environment, including reduced noise pollution, decreased water usage, water recycling, lower emissions, less chemical waste, and reduced airborne dust. Even some of our machines themselves are made from up to 80% recyclable materials.

The Conquest range of sweepers and scrubbers have a range of built-in eco-friendly features to support greener business goals.

‘Going green’ is more than just a catchphrase

‘Greenwashing’ is a phrase that refers to a company investing more time and money into promoting their ‘green’ claims through advertising and marketing, than actually implementing business practices that minimise environmental impact. Our approach is the exact opposite.

Because we’re at the forefront of cleaning solutions in Australia, we stand by our ‘green’ credentials. This includes offering advanced sweepers and scrubbers that feature emission-free battery technology that does less harm to the environment, while improving run times by up to fifty percent.

We also offer chemical-free and reduced detergent cleaning solutions that deliver outstanding results, without relying on toxic solutions that are harmful to marine life if they wind up in waterways via runoff. Our Conquest Edge series does all this and more, combining oscillating technology with down pressure to eliminate the need for chemical additives.

Battery power a gateway to sustainable cleaning

We invest in battery power technology in recognition that it is an energy source of the future. Battery-powered machines are much cheaper to use and maintain, and release zero carbon emissions. Electric powered equipment is also significantly quieter than alternative fuel sources, for minimal noise disturbance.

Many sweepers and scrubbers in our range of sweepers and scrubbers feature electric battery technology – such as the popular, dependable PB160E ride-on warehouse sweeper.

Commercial and industrial cleaning moves outdoors

With the growing demand for environmentally-friendly solutions, Conquest is proudly expanding our range of outdoor cleaning solutions to support businesses, councils and government organisations achieve their greener goals. These offer the usual benefits: electric powered technology, zero emissions, minimal noise disturbance, plus health benefits for operators and bystanders – perfect for keeping our urban streetscapes and quiet nature reserves free or litter and airborne dust.

The EcoVac 240 simplifies large litter pick-up with a high-powered suction motor, wide vacuum nozzle and electronic motor that enables run time up to 18 hours between recharges. It can hold a large volume of waste with easy disposal to eliminate operator exposure. Filters guard against hazardous dust and onlookers are kept safe by the Pedestrian Safety Alert System.

The EcoSweep 360 is the world’s first battery-powered suction sweeper with electric motors that allow climbing of inclines up to thirty percent. It also has front and rear cameras, a full-colour screen, hand-held suction hose, and side doors to protect the operator from the elements. It also has a high-end wet dust suppression system. The EcoSweep 2000 is a similarly advanced sweeper at a much larger scale, designed to clean open outdoor spaces with minimal disturbance.

The MaxWind cleaner is the first and only electric-powered sidewalk sweeper in the world. It is ideal for cleaning sidewalks, pedestrian areas, and parking lots.

Environmentally-friendly cleaning practice is a team effort

We are proud to partner with suppliers and customers who share our vision. For example, both Brisbane City Council and Geelong City Council use the EcoSweep 360 street sweeper to keep their areas safe and free of trash.

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