Considering workplace health and safety is critical when introducing new commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. Conquest works with managers and operators to ensure our solutions are effective and safe.

Equipment that is suited to the task, environment, and is used correctly is less likely to be the source of a workplace incident. Conquest’s clever cleaning solutions include a free on-site induction and training session.

Through our Intelligent Solutions Program, Conquest Product Experts identify safety hazards that may arise during the operation of industrial and commercial cleaning equipment. Factors include visibility of the machine, disruption to air quality, and safety standards relevant to the workplace. Our knowledge is based on experience providing solutions to leading brands in food processing, materials handling equipment, health care, and other industries.

Ride on floor sweeper equipped with
overhead protection guard.

Selecting a machine suited to the work environment ensures efficiency and reduces health concerns. Opting for a ride on floor sweeper for a large, open area minimises the physical exertion that a walk behind floor sweeper would require.  Choosing a walk behind floor scrubber over a ride on floor scrubber in a smaller area with narrow paths reduces the risk of collision and injury to the operator.

Choosing the right fuel source similarly impacts on safety. Enclosed facilities benefit from low-emission battery-powered machines. Advanced dust control features also improve safety in areas with minimal ventilation. Noise pollution may also be a concern, especially in highly populated or healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and busy factory floors.



Our power sweepers and power scrubbers may be fitted with extra safety features to improve visibility during operation. Additional lights, blinkers, or alarms draw attention to the vehicle and alert workers that the machine is in operation.  Seat belts and overhead protection guards are also available for ride on floor scrubbers and sweepers.

Proper training is the final key to developing a safe cleaning solution. Our free on-site induction and training session includes a signed checklist as proof of training.

Conquest achieves effective and safe cleaning solutions by understanding that every facility has unique requirements.  


Ride on floor sweeper awaiting delivery. Customised with
overhead protection guard and reflective
striping for warehouse use.

Supplying equipment that addresses potential hazards and works to reduce them is just one way that Conquest delivers a complete hard floor cleaning solution.

Want to know how Conquest further tailors cleaning solutions to your requirements? Find out more about our Intelligent Solutions Program.