The ISSA cleaning expo in Chicago showcased the world’s best commercial floor scrubbers and power sweepers. Featured among this array of innovative power scrubbers was the Doodle Scrub EGB-9 by Square Scrub.

Known in the Australian market as Conquest’s Nano Edge, the Doodle Scrub EGB-9 is a unique orbital power scrubber featuring a long ergonomic handle that can be attached to either the long or short sides of the rectangular weighted head. At the size of an average mop, the smaller footprint makes it suitable for use in those tight spaces where a walk behind floor scrubber is impractical.

Always ahead of the curve, Conquest’s USA-based supply partner Tomcat saw potential in these unique automatic scrubbing machines and re-badged as the Nano Edge for the international market.

The Doodle Scrub EGB-9 impressed ISSA judges in Chicago, taking out the award for Innovation of the Year in the Equipment category. Attendees of the expo voted it one of the five Visitor’s Choice Award winners, making it a true stand-out in innovative floor cleaning equipment.

We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of the Doodle Scrub EGB-9/Conquest Nano Edge in Australia.