Conquest’s commitment to achieving excellence in customer service is unrelenting. We focus our energies on finding the right solution for every customer, every time. Our Onboarding program is a fine example of how, at Conquest, we put our clients firmly at the centre of all that we do.

Conquest’s Onboarding specialists assist customers in major capital cities along the east coast. Our dedicated team are the experts when it comes to ensuring that Conquest customers receive clear, comprehensive training. Our team also ensures that each customer receives all the post-purchase support they need to get optimal performance from their new power sweeper or floor scrubbing machine.

Highly effective and extremely popular with our customers, the Onboarding program is unique to Conquest. Beginning after order placement and continuing well after delivery, every client receives consistent training and technical support for their newly purchased commercial cleaning equipment. The Onboarding team ensures the safe and timely arrival of each floor cleaner and organises easy-to-follow operator instruction, creating strong communication channels with our customers as the business relationship develops.

Our Onboarding program is a successful exercise because it facilitates the easy adoption of new equipment into a business’ workplace. Not only do we help customers refine their cleaning processes, we ensure they know how to operate their floor cleaner safely and get the most out of their new machine – operationally and financially. Additionally, this personalised training increases operator accountability by reducing the risk of damage through misuse and machine downtime.

But the benefits of Conquest’s innovative Onboarding program don’t end there. Because our team takes the time to understand our customers’ businesses and their needs, they can provide even greater levels of support in terms of consumables, spare parts and technician services. They also introduce customers to Conquest’s dedicated Customer Care team who continue to grow and strengthen client relationships by answering questions, taking on board feedback and proactively addressing any challenges.