Your time is important. But so too is the presentation of your facility. Juggling multiple priorities and deadlines can be a nightmare – but keeping your floors clean doesn’t need to be! Introducing Conquest’s latest floor cleaning innovation – the reliable and powerful CC1200 combination cleaner.

The CC1200 combination cleaner machine performs both sweeping and scrubbing functions in just a single pass. Meaning that you can collect dust while removing forklift marks with just one machine – and in half the time!

Featuring a powerful Kubota engine, the Conquest CC1200 ensures a thorough sweep and scrub on even the toughest industrial hard floor applications. Large 300L solution and recovery tanks with a 180L waste hopper allow longer cleaning periods, covering large areas between empties and significantly reducing cleaning time and associated labour costs. Flexible water flow control and adjustable down pressure maintain consistency during scrubbing.

The challenge of unreliable resources is a thing of the past! The all-in-one nature, along with simple-to-use controls, makes operation a one-person-job and training time is halved.

Because Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is paramount, the CC1200 ride-in sweeper scrubber comes equipped with features to support safe work practices, such as built-in headlights and a flashing beacon for improved visibility in low light environments. The forward position of the driver’s seat maximizes the operators view of the cleaning path ahead. Plus, an incredible 1550mm hydraulic high dump allows operators to drive up to and over the waste receptacle for ease of emptying, limiting the risk of exposure to collected waste.

The Conquest CC1200 combination floor cleaner is built tough for heavy duty applications. The 3 solid puncture-resistant tyres cannot lose pressure over time, while the strong powder coated steel construction withstands the harshest of operating environments without rusting. Plus fewer moving parts attributed to the hydraulic direct drive system minimises the risk of potential future maintenance challenges.

Save time and keep it simple with Conquest’s reliable and powerful CC1200 combination sweeper scrubber. Call 1800 826 789 today for a free onsite demonstration as your facility.

Learn more by downloading the CC1200 Specification Sheet today!