As discovered by McDonald’s in the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, the right floor cleaner for your facility can save your staff hours of their time – therefore saving you a significant reduction in the cost of labour. A single round with a high-velocity floor cleaner can reduce employee mopping labour by up to 70% for a high-traffic business. The scrubber uses a combination of speed and down-pressure to efficiently clean better than any manual floor cleaning processes.

Cleaning the Largest McDonald’s in the Southern Hemisphere

The Queens Street Mall in Brisbane features the largest McDonald’s in the southern hemisphere. This enormous fast food restaurant serves over 40,000 people per week and the amount of dirt ground into the floors from food spills and foot traffic is truly incredible. Relying on standard commercial mops, the staff was spending up to 8 hours every evening (astounding, we know) mopping the significant floor space, often having to go over the same areas multiple times and still not achieving the desired result.

Conquest Floor Scrubber to the Rescue

The addition of the Conquest floor scrubber changed all of that. A friend of the owner had suggested that given the large size of the restaurant and the scale of the cleanable floor space, a commercial floor scrubber may be the solution. Interested in reducing labour costs and improving the presentation of her restaurant, owner, Tanya Mulcahy contacted Conquest.

The transformation in floor cleaning efforts was evident from the moment Conquest performed an on-site demonstration of the Conquest Tomcat floor scrubber. When put to use, not only did the Conquest Floor Scrubber reduce their floor cleaning time from 8 hours to just 1 or 2 hours per night, but it also provided a much deeper clean than the previous floor cleaning methods achieved and negated the slip risk associated with freshly-mopped floors.

This is due to the down-pressure and speed settings that can apply far greater cleaning force at minimal effort or strain to the scrubber operator. A scrubber is incredibly effective because it pre-sweeps, scrubs, and dries for a deep clean in a single pass, leaving floor surfaces instantly ready to walk on.

The Owner Celebrates Cleanliness and Efficiency

Tanya Mulcahy, the owner of the Queen Street Mall McDonald’s couldn’t be happier. “We could not believe the difference it was making to our floors” she says in a video testimonial about the transformation. “We had a recommendation for Conquest in particular… We are extremely impressed with the quality of our tiles.”

Their floors were cleaner than ever before, and employees no longer had to spend up to 8 hours cleaning the floors of this large restaurant. Tanya says “It saved us a lot of time, this machine.”

The Many Benefits of Floor Scrubbers for Modern Businesses

There are more than a few benefits to upgrading your floor cleaning techniques beyond labour costs alone. When you make the transition from other not-always-effective cleaning methods to a high-powered floor scrubber, you will notice a surprising depth of improvements to the workplace, the workforce, and customer response.

Workplace Health and Safety

A cleaner floor is a safer floor. Non-slip and textured surfaces in particular can prove challenging to deep clean, as was true with the Brisbane McDonald’s. You have no idea what bacteria and grime can be ground in with time! A deep-cleaning floor scrubber ensures that all traces of dirt and contaminants on your floor are gone within just one or two passes. Slip hazards are removed by fully removing any grease or spills from the floor, and leaving the floor dry and ready to walk on.

Conquest machines can help with WHS compliance by ensuring a cleaner working environment. Furthermore, standard and optional safety features can also ensure staff or customers are not injured or harmed whilst using the floor cleaners.

Presentation and Reputation

There’s no doubt that a gleaming facility is one that attracts customers. No matter how much you clean your floors, ingrained dirt has a way of degrading the appearance and reputation of your business. Customers tend to associate cleanliness with business quality. Restaurant goers for example, may not trust the food quality if the premises – including the floors – appear dirty.

Employee Morale and Job Satisfaction

Even your employees will feel better when your floor gleams. Everyone wants to work in a place they are proud of, and spotlessly clean is a point of pride in any business. But performing the same tasks over and over with little visible benefit is simply demotivating. For employees using superior floor cleaning machines like the Conquest Tomcat scrubber that McDonald’s use, it is a huge experiential improvement.

Claim the Conquest Floor Experience for Your Business

If, like McDonald’s, your business is experiencing challenges with ingrained dirt and excessive labour costs, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to a professional grade floor scrubber. Through a consultation with our floor cleaning experts, we can guide you through our ISP process to help you identify the most suitable time-and-cost saving floor cleaning solutions for your business. To learn more about how the Conquest Equipment floor scrubbers can help save your business time and labour costs, contact us today or sign up for a free on-site floor assessment!