Quality Commercial Cleaning (QCC) recently won an exciting new facilities cleaning contract for a Brisbane, Queensland shopping complex and commercial space. In order to deliver on their promises, QCC required an efficient ride-on floor scrubber to provide an outstanding finish with the added peace of mind that their customer will be satisfied with the ongoing results and reliability.

QCC did their research along with Conquest’s professional advisors and worked with Conquest Key Account Manager, Tony Millar, for an onsite demonstration of the innovative MMG Plus power scrubber.

The MMG Plus delivers powerful drying ability, leaving floor surfaces both clean and dry. Innovative water saving technology and adjustable down pressure delivered by the MMG Plus scrubbing machine ensure that even challenging floors can be cleaned efficiently and effectively.

QCC were impressed with the results at the demonstration, and chose the Conquest MMG Plus floor scrubber for its efficiency, advanced technology and programmable features – in addition to its compact size and excellent manoeuvrability. The on-board video tutorials are also a particular advantage for QCC, supporting ongoing comprehensive operator training in the daily use and basic maintenance of this innovative floor scrubbing machine.

Ergonomically designed with operator comfort in mind, the Conquest MMG Plus commercial floor cleaner is a pleasure to drive and the results speak for themselves.

Watch the video to hear from QCC’s Guiherme Giampietro, as he shares his experience with Conquest and the MMG Plus scrubbing machine.



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