As we launch into the next decade, there are many exciting possibilities and changes on the horizon for the cleaning solutions industry. The needs and demands of consumers are constantly evolving and so must the products and services we offer you.

Our team is excited to be developing and evolving our product range to make sure that you have cost-effective and efficient solutions for your commercial or industrial premises into 2020 and beyond.

Consumer flexibility

One of the main issues that consumers face when looking into commercial cleaning options is the lack of flexibility in rental and lease contracts. As the needs of each company differ, the option of either long-term rental or outright purchase simply does not fulfill the diversity of consumer demand that we’re experiencing.

In response to this, we will be expanding our Melbourne-based short-term rental fleet in 2020 to also provide our customers in Sydney and Brisbane with greater flexibility. This includes rental periods for as short as one day. The addition of these options means our customers will be able to rely on us for their cleaning solutions even if their need is sporadic, or cash flow is tight.

Expect leaps in technology

The technology behind our equipment is the key to the success of our product range. As we look into the future, we aim to continue advancing our product range with the latest cleaning technology on the market. Longer battery life and extended range are key considerations for many of our customers, so these aspects are at the forefront of our minds.

We have responded to the demand for greater battery life with technological advancements in our battery-powered product range and will continue to lead with innovation. In the future, we expect to see battery advancements bringing about further reductions in emissions, noise and maintenance costs.

Robotic cleaners on the horizon

The automation of our floor cleaning solutions is an exciting prospect, as we move forward into this new decade. Offering the potential to reduce labour costs, autonomous cleaning equipment will likely be the next big step in our industry’s technological advancement. With this in mind, we are aiming to expand our range of robotic cleaning technology over the coming year and look forward to sharing with you as this exciting technology comes to life.

You can expect to see plenty of product range expansion in 2020 as we continue the growth of our outdoor solutions range. This caters to our customers in areas such as local government, municipalities and outdoor venues.

We are also focused on continuing to provide more environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. The latest products aim to reduce environmental harm by addressing noise pollution and dust control concerns and by reducing unnecessary waste. These options will continue to build on the zero-emission capabilities found in the EcoSweep and Magna Plus products, for example.

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If you are looking to get a first-hand look at the latest of our quality cleaning products, we will be making appearances at a number of events and expos around the world. These include:

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