Following the lead of the European markets for commercial cleaning equipment, battery-powered floor sweeper technology is increasingly popular for use in Australia.  This trend is largely driven by tightening Government legislation, workplace health and safety policy, and environmental considerations, in addition to the ever-increasing focus on improved efficiency.  Conquest’s PB160E floor sweeper is uniquely equipped to meet these demands, delivering a quiet and emission-free clean in one robust and efficient machine.

Keeping you on the job, longer

The latest evolution of the Conquest PB160E proudly boasts industry leading technology, never before seen in power sweepers. With an AC powered motor, energy use is decreased while efficiency increases.

The result?  A proven 50% increase in run time, when compared to traditional battery-powered floor sweeper machines!

Noise sensitive environment?  No worries!

According to Safe Work Australia, between 28-32% of the Australian workforce is likely to work in an environment where they are exposed to loud noise, increasing the risk of injury.

Conquest’s PB160E limits noise exposure, operating at a much quieter level than comparative floor sweepers in it’s class, at just 75.5dB. The machine features an extra-large battery compartment which houses a 360 Ah battery pack, for extreme quiet operation – even at full working capacity.

The great indoors

Whether motivations are founded in concern for environment or concern for safety, there is no doubt that minimising emissions is a major force behind battery-powered technology for industry.

Warehouses, distribution centres and other enclosed yet vast floor surfaces will benefit from Conquest’s battery-powered PB160E for emission-free floor sweeping.

A clever cleaning solution

For a clever cleaning solution that is high on run-time but low on noise and emissions, call 1800 826 789 to learn more about Conquest’s PB160E commercial sweeper.