‘We found that we had a large number of people ringing in from urban cleaning companies and city councils, all with the same problem: their street sweeper wasn’t reliable enough.’



Choosing what equipment Conquest represents here in Australia is a tough but rewarding job. While the market sees trends come and go, new products and fancy innovations abound, not every new innovation is suited to the Australian cleaning market. Getting this wrong can result in expensive imports that never sell, while getting it right can help Conquest’s clients operate more efficiently and effectively.


But when asked about Conquest’s newest addition, the Boschung S2 street sweeper, Managing Director Michael Mathews says the decision to add a second street sweeper to Conquest’s product range came in response to the most important business influence of all: client demand.


‘Feedback and requests from potential and existing clients is a huge factor in our business decisions,’ he says. ‘We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to provide solutions to any hard floor cleaning problem, and we just can’t do that if we don’t know what the problems are.’


‘When we looked into the street sweeper market across the country, we found that the range was minimal. Reliability especially seemed to be a problem, with machines breaking down frequently and requiring expensive maintenance. Councils don’t have that sort of money.’


How to solve a problem like unreliable street sweepers? Conquest’s team began immediately researching street sweepers across the world, comparing a wide range of products before finally settling on one that satisfied Conquest’s standards.


‘It needed to be easy to manoeuvre, able to get around complex urban spaces like outside shopping areas and food courts. It needed to be fuel-efficient and eco-friendly, and above all, it had to be reliable.’


The Boschung S2’s intelligently designed narrow body flexes to give it greater manoeuvrability in tight spaces, and the lightweight body reduces fuel use (and emissions) by up to 30%. Although lighter, the Boschung still boasts a 2m3 size hopper, the largest in its sweeper class. Inside, the VW engine ensures reliability on the road. The Boshung S2 is a triumph of European design in a compact and versatile street sweeper.


‘It’s exactly what we wanted, the perfect complement to the EcoSweep360. The Boschung is ideal for any outdoor application, in any weather, even snow. We wanted a machine that would reliably stand up to harsh Australian conditions. This will do it.’