Business managers and finance managers all over Australia are driving a surge in capital equipment rentals or leases, rather than investing in an outright purchase. They understand the financial benefits; that businesses change and evolve and grow. So too, do their cleaning needs. You may be considering moving or taking on a new premises. And you definitely don’t want to be stuck with equipment that you simply don’t want or need long term. Conquest is glad help, offering flexible and comprehensive floor cleaning equipment rental packages or short-term hire across our range of commercial and industrial floor sweepers and scrubbing machines.

The benefits of Conquest floor cleaning equipment rental packages

With Conquest Fully Flexible Rentals, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  1. No large upfront outlay, which may challenge cashflow or hinder business expansion
  2. A single, fixed monthly payment that is typically 100% tax deductible
  3. The potential tax advantages of rental floor cleaners not shown on balance sheets and claimed as a business expense*
  4. Avoid costly repairs and downtime, with scheduled servicing, operator training, ongoing technical support and a limited number of consumables all included in you monthly fee
  5. Enter an agreement to your own terms with options starting at 12 months for cost-effective long term rentals
  6. Or, if you need it for just a day, a week or a month, you might consider a convenient Short Term Hire!

Rent without the risk

With our Conquest 360 No Risk Fully Flexible Rentals policy, you have even greater flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, change to a different machine or simply return the equipment if it’s no longer required – all without penalty. Not only does this give you peace of mind when renting from Conquest, but it also gives you the flexibility you need to run your business. You can swap your industrial floor cleaner at any time during your fixed term without paying the price.

In addition to Fully Flexible Rentals, the Conquest 360 offer also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which ensures our machines are maintained and serviced for optimal performance.

So, don’t hesitate! If you need a new cleaning machine without the commitment for your facility in MelbourneSydney and Brisbane and beyond, then Conquest floor cleaning equipment rental is the answer.

Contact us today for a tailored proposal to suit your unique requirements.

*Always consult a Tax Accountant regarding taxation advice.