Many organisations have adopted strategies targeted at achieving zero emissions. As we roll on into the 21st century, we see this becoming a larger and more significant issue every year. By partnering with leading industrial cleaning equipment manufacturers from around the globe, Conquest Equipment has set about developing and presenting a range of Power Sweepers, Power Scrubbers, orbital scrubbing machines and Street Sweepers which assist organisations in achieving their environmental goals.

Battery Technology in Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Over the years, battery technology has increased to the point where it is now achievable to deliver a full-shift clean on a single charge. This advancement has made it a viable proposition for organisations to embed battery electric equipment into their industrial cleaning equipment fleet.

Street Sweepers, Power Sweepers and Power Scrubbers with battery technologies are now all being used by leading companies all over the globe. Some recent advances driving viability is the introduction of new battery materials which promote longer run times between charges and extend battery life. In turn, this allows the battery to be charged more times before replacement. Typically, a well-maintained battery will last for 1500 cycles, and this generally equates to 5 years of operation and limits requirement for replacement.

Zero Emission Street Sweepers

More recently, Conquest has been working with European partners to develop a range of street sweepers and footpath sweepers that are 100% electric and totally emission free. These world-leading machines are able to achieve everything their diesel counterparts could, with the following enviable advantages:

– Totally Emission Free
– Low Noise Output
– Up to 90% Saving on Fuel Costs
– Up to 70% Saving on Maintenance Costs
– Increased Uptime with fewer moving parts

While there is a rise in the market of diesel street sweepers that have been ‘converted’ to electric, they do not come without some disadvantages including increased weight, lower run times and still rely on a full hydraulic operating system.

The Conquest Ecosweep 360 and Ecosweep 2000 have been designed and built from the ground up as electric street sweepers. This means they maximise efficiency whilst not compromising on the outputs.

Is Going ‘Green’ enough?

‘Green’ cleaning has been a trend in the commercial and industrial cleaning sectors for several years. Not that long ago, however, ‘going green’ was a matter of switching to more environmentally friendly cleaning products. Today, this has evolved to become more than just lip service; true deliverables are being required to be demonstrated.

The focus on environmentally friendly cleaning is part of increasing awareness about the state of our natural world. We are constantly being reminded about climate change and seeing the evidence of humankind’s impact on our world. Remember how environmental activist Greta Thunberg stirred up the world leaders at the United Nations recently, and the protests that erupted with the burning of the Amazon rainforest?

These are examples of large, high-profile environmental events. However, many of us are realising that being green begins with smaller changes right here at home. We want to see a difference and that can start with introducing battery Industrial Cleaning Equipment to support organisations realise true emission free status.

‘Greenwashing’ is a phrase that refers to companies that invest more time and money into promoting their ‘green’ claims through advertising and marketing, than actually implementing business processes that minimise environmental impact. Our approach is the exact opposite.

Because Conquest is at the forefront of cleaning solutions in Australia, we stand by our ‘green’ credentials. This includes developing advanced power sweepers and power scrubbers that feature emission-free battery technology that does less harm to the environment, and improves run times by up to 50%.

Conquest’s Commitment

Conquest is committed to delivering a complete package of emission free Street Sweepers, Power Sweepers and Power Scrubbers. Our ever-increasing range is gaining the attention of leading municipalities and cleaning services organisations around Australia and New Zealand. The trends started in Europe and has quickly been embraced in these regions, and Conquest are proud to be a leading force in both protecting our environment and allowing organisations to achieve their environmental targets which are so instrumental their social responsibility.

Conquest love to partner with organisations in achieving their zero emission targets, offering innovative outdoor solutions for sale or rent, and national service from strategically located facilities in MelbourneSydney and Brisbane. Contact us for a no-obligation free onsite assessment and demonstration.

About the Author: Michael Mathews has been involved in the Cleaning Equipment industry for more than 20 years. Initiated into the industry straight out of school, Michael started on the tools where he gained a depth of knowledge in floor cleaning equipment that he could then apply to proceeding Sales positions. Now Managing Director,  Michael leads the growing force that is Conquest; partnering with world leading manufacturers to develop new technologies for Australasian industry. He is especially passionate about the environment, and is the driving force behind Conquest’s electric floor cleaning range.