Battery-powered floor cleaning technology is increasingly seen as the solution of choice within industrial and commercial markets. The trend follows suit of the European floor cleaning market, and mimics patterns seen in our own Australian general industry. Conquest are testament to this, with sales of large ride-on battery operated sweepers tripling from 2012 to 2015.

Conquest’s Sydney-based Representative and leading industry expert, Stuart Nicol, claims Conquest’s success in this space is due to a depth of understanding of customer needs combined with partnering the leading international innovators of floor cleaning technology. Evolving with market demands, there are some exciting innovations in the pipeline that will continue to stimulate the market and drive Conquest’s growth in the large floor cleaning machine segment.

So what is the driving force behind this trend?

Many Problems: One Solution

It is no secret that Government legislation combined with an increased focus on efficiency, OH&S and environmental considerations are driving the shift towards battery powered floor sweeping technology.

The problems stated are consistent yet varied –

“We have to reduce fumes to meet our Food Safety requirements.”

“I need to keep noise to a minimum so as not to disrupt patients”

“We can’t store fuel on-site due to safety concerns; I need an alternative!”

For many, their unique set of requirements means the choice is made for them. Hospitals, aged care facilities, schools, food processing plants, large or small floor spaces – it’s battery power all the way!

But batteries are expensive!

A common complaint against battery-powered floor sweeping machines is the perceived expense.

There is no denying that batteries can be expensive. However, in many cases the initial outlay and replacement costs associated with batteries is comparative to alternative power sources over a period of time. For example, manufacturer studies have proven that Conquest’s battery powered EcoSweep achieves greater economy than it’s Diesel powered counterpart in less than 3 years. Quite simply, this is due to fuel consumption rates and scheduled maintenance requirements, combined with the expense and inconvenience of fuel storage.

Battery Selection Simplified

Selecting the right battery for your floor sweeper can be tricky business. Understanding the pros and cons of each option will assist in making an informed decision best-suited to your needs.

Flooded or Wet Deep Cycle Batteries are ideal when greater power output is required, for example for larger floor cleaning machines. The user is in full control of the regular (daily) maintenance requirements, thus ensuring longevity of the battery under normal use.

Gel Deep Cycle Batteries are arguably the safer, zero maintenance alternative. Though typically more expensive, there is zero opportunity for dangerous spillage or errors in maintenance.

Lithium Ion (or Li’on) Batteries are the new kids on the block, best-suited to the more compact floor cleaning machines. Featuring lightweight and maintenance-free design, they deliver deceivingly high power output.

Alternatives to batteries

While battery-powered floor sweeping machines are a popular choice, they are certainly not the only option. There are numerous sweeper models available which are powered by Diesel, LPG or Petrol to address a breadth of market needs.

Whilst power output and unlimited run time are commonly cited drivers of choice, machine users may find themselves limited by access and storage of fuel on site, ongoing maintenance requirements, fume emissions and noise.

Electric-powered floor cleaners are also an alternative solution, however are seemingly unpopular due to OH&S policy and practicality of power cord use.

Battery Technology Predictions

Though Flooded and Gel Deep Cycle batteries will continue to have their place in larger floor sweeping machines, Conquest’s Stuart Nicol predicts that we will see Li’On batteries being used more and more in compact models. Conquest currently boasts the Genie XS featuring Li’On technology and is excited to be preparing the launch of a second Li’On powered machine later this year.

Breaking tradition, AC battery technology is anticipated to be the next giant leap forward for floor sweeping technology. This could see increased running time of larger models by up to 50%, improving efficiencies for large floor spaces whilst reducing downtime, fume emissions and noise. Ahead of the game, Conquest already offers the innovative EcoSweep featuring the AC battery technology, with more exciting product news expected to follow.

Spoilt for Choice

As expectations continue to evolve, the popularity of battery-powered floor cleaning solutions will continue to rise in response to varied business needs. Thus it is an exciting time for product innovation in this space, with new products on the horizon.

Despite the overwhelming options available, fear not! The experienced and professional team at Conquest are there to guide you through the assessment, identification and recommendation of the best floor cleaning solution for your individual business needs – all backed with the safety of a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.