Everyone deserves the right to remain safe at work. Which is why Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulations are necessity to minimising the risk of injury to Australians in the workplace. Safety barriers, designated walkways and high visibility vests are commonplace at many Australian worksites. WHS cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach, with each work site identifying its own unique hazards.

With Conquest commercial cleaning equipment, risk can be minimised with the addition of a variety of safety-centric customisations to our industrial floor sweepers and scrubbing machines.

Conquest National Key Account Manager, Ben Mathews, is skilled and passionate about delivering customised safety solutions. “We care about our customers and care about providing the right all-around solution. We don’t just provide a machine in a box. We want to be sure that we provide the right piece of equipment to meet the needs of individual sites”, Mathews said. And Conquest do just that, offering customisation options for their range of floor sweepers and scrubbing machines that minimise risk and promote safer work places.

Visibility for operators and pedestrians

It is vital that pedestrians and machinery operators can clearly see oncoming traffic to avoid collision, whether it be in warehouse aisles, a carpark or automotive workshop. Conquest assist in minimising risk in low-light environments by offering specific customisations for improved visibility across our range of industrial floor cleaners, to ensure pedestrians, forklift operators and other vehicle drivers are aware of the approaching floor cleaning machine. These customisations include:

• Blue distant lights
• Orange flashing beacons
• High visibility safety stripes
• Horns to sound an alert

It is also imperative that machine operators have a clear line of sight, which can be difficult to achieve in dark environments where floor sweepers and scrubbing machines are commonly operated. Customisations such as LED headlights and reverse lights ensure adequate visibility of the cleaning path, reducing the risk of both injury and damage to the machine or the facility.

Operator protection to minimise risk

Open cabs on machines can leave the operator exposed to the elements and the risk of falling debris or unsecured stock in a warehouse. Machines travelling at high speeds can pose a hazard to the operator and those around them by reducing the operator’s reaction time should they need to quickly change course to avoid collision or lose control. Customisations that can increase operator protection include:

• Overhead guards
• Interlocking seatbelts for operator
• Speed limiter to ensure compliance with site restrictions
• Bright yellow footwell reducing trip hazards

Reduce equipment impact damage

In addition to keeping the operator safe, Conquest also offer customisations for your floor sweeper or scrubbing machine to minimise damage should impact with another vehicle or object occur. With the addition of a D-Rubber, a thick ring around the body of the machine that absorbs impact in the event of a crash, the machine can be protected from scratches, broken brushes, indentation, internal machine damage as well as provide extra protection for the operator. While many sites have strict speed limits to keep operators safe, high speed can also cause damage to the machine and may require consumables to be replaced at a rate quicker than would otherwise be necessary.

At Conquest, we offer a free onsite assessment as the first step to delivering a clever cleaning solution specifically customised to your unique worksite and WHS policies. Contact us today to get started!