In industrial and commercial premises, it is imperative to maintain clean floors in order to comply with stringent Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. But clean floors is not the only WHS risk that needs careful consideration. Managing the risks associated with fume emissions and exposure to unsafe noise volumes during operation of floor cleaning equipment is key to an effective risk management plan. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a battery-powered floor cleaner:

Prevent Hearing Damage With a Low-Noise Floor Cleaner

Sudden or sustained exposure to loud noises in the workplace is known to contribute to hearing loss or damage. Therefore, it is imperative that operational noise volume is a key consideration when choosing the right floor sweeper or scrubber for your facility. WHS regulations set the peak noise level over 8 hours and without any hearing protection at a maximum of 140 dB. It should be noted that this is able to protect most but not all people, so where possible at your workplace, you should mitigate noise risk as much as possible as recommended by Safe Work Australia, and keep noise levels below recommended peak exposure levels.

Exposure to high levels of operational noise not only presents safety risk, but is also disruptive in sensitive applications such as scrubbing indoor shopping precincts where there is significant foot traffic, or urban street and carpark sweeping within close proximity to residential zones.

Battery-powered floor cleaners offer a much lower operational noise volume and can increase run times by up to 50%. At Conquest, we are proud to present a range of electric floor sweepers and scrubbers featuring battery technology to help you minimise noise pollution and avoid unnecessary safety risks.

Conquest’s PB160E industrial sweeper operates at an extremely low 75.5dB, allowing the sweeper to go about its work round the clock with maximum safety and minimal noise spill. It features a 360 Ah battery pack housed in an extra-large battery compartment for extremely quiet operation, even when working at full capacity. Choosing a floor cleaner such as the PB160E helps you achieve WHS compliance, and keep operators and visitors at your facility safe.

Reduce Health Concerns and Protect The Environment with an Emissionless Battery-Powered Floor Cleaner

We all recognise that exhaust fumes from fuel-powered equipment is toxic, and exposure should be limited to protect health and achieve WHS compliance. Even short term exposure to diesel exhaust fumes can cause health challenges including irritation to the eyes, nose and throat whilst long term exposure can even cause lung disease and increase the risk of cancer.

Given the seriousness of these potential health risks, as well as the known detrimental impact of exhaust fumes on the environment, you may consider the benefits of a battery-powered floor cleaner in addition to other risk mitigation in the workplace.

A Conquest electric floor cleaner produce zero emissions and enable you to run your machine longer, making them the perfect solution for indoor-use. Furthermore, if you are a conscientious company with an existing environmental policy, or planning to implement one soon to achieve ISO certification, then lack of emissions for the safety of the environment then battery powered equipment is sure to be high on your radar.

Staff Training to ensure WHS Compliance

If your company has just purchased a new floor cleaner or rented on a fully maintained plan, it is vital that they are trained in the correct and safe operation.

With proper comprehensive training, risks in the workplace are minimised by reducing the likelihood of accidents and prevent costly damage. Training also increases reliability over the life of the machine, ensuring daily maintenance needs are tended and any servicing needs are identified.

With all Conquest floor cleaners purchased or hired, we will train your staff on the equipment either onsite or at collection, giving you peace of mind your machines will be operated and maintained correctly for the life of your machine.

If you’d like to learn more about how a Conquest battery-powered floor cleaner can help your business achieve WHS compliance, contact us now.


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