As we begin to wind down for the year, businesses that have experienced a hectic year will be looking forward to the festive break. But before you shut down operations, take these simple steps to ensure your floor cleaning equipment is ready for action as soon as you re-open in the new year.

The lead up to a holiday period is often the time that cleaning machines have been put into overdrive to keep up with demand, making it even more important to clean them thoroughly after each use. Pay particular attention to filters in your power sweeper to avoid a build-up of dirt which, if left untreated, can cause damage to the filter system and require repair.

Floor scrubbing machines that run on batteries should be left with the batteries fully charged during prolonged breaks. It’s never a good idea to leave the battery flat or keep it connected to the charger when the machine isn’t in use. Doing so runs the risk of the charger being unable to detect any voltage from which to begin the recharge process.

Another important action to take before leaving your floor cleaning equipment idle for an extended period is to empty the water tanks. Flush them through thoroughly with clean water first, before checking they’re completely empty. You can also prevent a build-up of bacteria and any unpleasant odours by leaving the lid of the recovery tank open to ensure air can circulate.

And, if your floor cleaner runs on LPG, potential leaks and hazards can be minimised by remembering to check and turn off any gas lines before your business closes for the holidays.

The best place to store sweepers, scrubbers and other floor cleaning equipment when not in use is somewhere clean and dry. Make sure your machines are kept in an area well away from hot winds and summer sun which can both work to prematurely age and damage seals and squeegee rubbers, leading to a decrease in operational performance and efficiency.

The completion of daily checklists, combined with the holiday period steps above, are two excellent ways to ensure you maximise the life of your power sweeper or scrubber. And, once the Christmas break is over, it’s simply a matter of running through the recommended pre-start checklist for each machine and your floor cleaning equipment will be good to go.

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