Workplace Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility. More and more workplaces are taking steps to minimise health and safety risks or their employees. Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2017 cites 39% of injuries occur from body stressing, 23% from falls, trips, slips and personal injury and 15.4% of all non-fatal incidents transpire from being hit by moving objects. With the median time lost for each incident 5.2 weeks and median compensation paid over $10,000 per claim, the inability to reduce such incidents can be extremely costly to your business.

Conquest National Key Account Manager, Ben Mathews, believes there is a need to have an appropriate floor cleaning procedure in place at all work sites, to assist the company in reducing the onsite risk to both machine operators and those around them. Conquest take a number of steps to assist with minimising workplace injuries, starting with continuous research and evolution of our range to offer the latest safety features through to recommendation of the right solution which we custom tailor to your unique business challenges. Our equipment is delivered complete with comprehensive operator training and backed by ongoing customer service and technical support.

Here we identify some of our customers’ key safety concerns, and how Conquest industrial floor cleaners support in minimising these common workplace risks.


Water or liquids, oils, built-up residue and dust on floor surfaces all pose hazardous in the workplace due to the risk of slips. With the right floor scrubbing machine featuring a squeegee and powerful vacuum motor, slip hazards may be quickly and effectively removed in a single pass to leave floor surfaces immediately dry and safe to walk on.


Loose debris left to linger on floor surfaces poses a significant trip hazard for workplaces. Quality floor sweepers efficiently collect debris from large spaces to mitigate this risk, while some cylindrical floor scrubber machines offer pre-sweep to collect light debris ahead of scrubbing.


Inadequate floor cleaning practices promote the risk of workplace injury occurring as a result of excessive strain or impact.

Employees who undertake long hours of manual cleaning labour may be at risk of excessive body strain. However, with the right commercial cleaning equipment, operators not only spend less time cleaning but also benefit from ergonomic design features that allow the equipment to be adjusted to suit individual stature and comfort levels.

While 15.4% of injuries are caused by collision, Conquest are active in helping to reduce this figure by offering solutions with a number of standard and customisable safety features, including:

• Increasing visibility – flashing lights, audible alarms and horn
• Anti-collision systems – reverse cameras on select floor scrubbing machines
• Emergency stop features – to immediately terminate operation of select scrubbing machines at the touch of a button

Although slips, trips and injury remain a significant and ongoing concern for workplaces, there are steps you can take to minimise risk. And Conquest are very eager to assist.

Contact us today to request a free onsite assessment as the first step towards improving your workplace health and safety requirements.