Specialist automotive floor coatings pose a particularly difficult set of commercial floor cleaning challenges.  Exposed to some of the harshest chemical spills, heavy rubber tyres, and vehicle dirt and grime, these coatings require frequent floor scrubbing to prevent build up and surface damage.

You Need A Hero!

Protect your investment with Conquest’s Hero walk-behind
floor scrubbing machine.

The Hero commercial floor scrubber is well equipped to handle the rigours of automotive floor spaces, such as Truck and Bus workshops.  Built with heavy duty roto moulded tanks and stainless steel components, the Hero scrubbing machine is less susceptible to the risk of leaks and expensive maintenance costs typically associated with the rubber componentry found in standard commercial floor cleaning equipment.

Plus, cleaning around the vehicle hoist and other static workshop equipment is made quick and easy, with the low-pressure wash gun fitted as standard on all Hero scrubbing machines.

Customisation Options

Customisation options allow you to tailor the Conquest range of floor scrubber machines to your unique business needs, to optimise machine life, promote longevity of consumable parts, and deliver the best possible cleaning result.

Custom-fitting your Hero floor scrubber with specialist urethane squeegee blades delivers longevity between replacements, as urethane is resistant to perishing with exposure to automotive oils and grease.

Conquest also offers scrubbing machines that provide the option of a pre-sweep, delivering light sweeping of debris while scrubbing floors all in a single pass.

A clever cleaning solution

For a clever cleaning solution uniquely equipped for your specialist automotive floors, call 1800 826 789.  We’re here to help.