No cleaning job is too big or too small for a commercial floor cleaning machine. Which is the right machine for your workplace? Here are some advantages of floor sweepers and floor scrubbers and how each can help you achieve your business objectives.

Dust & Debris? A Floor Sweeper Cleans Up

When your facility needs a clean sweep of pesky dirt and debris, a commercial floor sweeper is the right solution. A floor sweeper combines a broom and vacuum into one large and powerful machine. Debris is swept into an attached waste bin for later disposal. If your facility is tight on space, not to worry! Walk-behind and ride-on floor sweepers are highly manoeuvrable and are designed to easily navigate through standard doorways and narrow corridors. If your facility’s spaces are vast, a larger ride-on floor sweeper will make light work of a clean sweep.

Grime & Stains? A Floor Scrubber Cleans Up

When your facility needs a deep clean to remove spills or stains, a commercial floor scrubber is the right solution. A floor scrubber produces industrial strength mopping and scrubbing action by jetting water or cleaning solution onto the surface and using orbital, circular, or cylindrical scrubbing motion to remove built-up grime. Dirty water is captured by squeegee into a waste tank for later disposal. Walk-behind floor scrubbers are capable of manoeuvring tight spaces. For large open areas, a ride-on floor scrubber is an efficient solution. With a single pass, a walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubber will leave your surface clean and dry.

Versatile Sweepers & Scrubbers Clean Any Surface

We understand your goal is to achieve the best cleaning results as efficiently as possible, without slowing down operations at your facility. Conquest offers an extensive range of commercial floor cleaning machines. Whether your business operates from an industrial or commercial setting, we can tailor a custom solution for your facility.

Think about the layout of your facility. A walk-behind machine may be the best fit for narrow corridors but, while for wider aisles a ride-on machine will get the job done. Are there any ramps to navigate, or difficult to reach spaces beneath shelving or around pallets? Floor cleaning machines can be equipped with safety features for incline work as well as attachments to clean hard-to-reach spaces.

Think about the surfaces you intend to clean. Floor scrubbers are adaptable to a variety of surfaces. Different pads and pressure adjustments enable floor scrubbers to easily maintain numerous floor types including concrete, vinyl, and non-slip coatings.

Consider your current cleaning regime. How quickly does dirt and debris gather on your facility’s surfaces? Using a durable floor cleaning machines puts an end to the need to frequently replace wearing parts, such as heavily used sweeper brooms and scrubber squeegees. Additionally, energy efficient machines work for hours on long-lasting battery power or low fuel consumption. Day or night, facility cleaning becomes more efficient with the use of floor cleaning machines.

Is a Floor Cleaning Machine Within My Budget?

Whatever your budget, there are flexible options available to help you achieve your financial goals. You can choose to purchase a machine outright, and tailor an ongoing servicing package specifically for your needs. Alternatively, a fully-inclusive long-term rental may be the budget savvy solution to the unanswered question of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Which Machine is Best for My Workplace?

Simply put, a commercial floor sweeper is best for managing dust and debris, whilst a scrubber is more suitable for managing spills and cleaning away stuck-fast grime and marks, but deciding on the best machine for your facility can be a little more complicated. When it comes to your business’ unique cleaning challenges, our experts at Conquest Equipment can assist you to identify a solution! Contact us today to learn about our Intelligent Solutions Program. We will come to you for a free, on-site assessment and provide cleaning solutions that will work. And, we back our recommendations 100%!