When night-time cleaning was first introduced in the 1900s, it was seen as a new avenue for additional employment; a way to avoid safety hazards; and an innovative solution to lessen the disruption to workers, customers and pedestrians that older style cleaning methods entailed. In 2018, Conquest outlines three key advantages of modern day-time cleaning including how it is now considered a better, healthier alternative.

1. Safety

According to SafeWork Australia, contract cleaning can be more hazardous than construction work, one key risk factor is that much of the work takes place after business hours, often overnight. However, by operating commercial cleaning equipment during daylight hours safety immediately improves. Firstly, user visibility increases. In addition, innovative developments in floor cleaning machine technology have seen the introduction of models which are not only more powerful, but which consist of an array of extra safety features, including greatly reduced noise levels and the ability to clean completely chemical-free – making for a safer working environment all round.

Speed of cleaning is another safety improvement. Fast spot cleaning is an essential safety requirement for busy pedestrian areas such as cafés and restaurants, for example. Conquest’s Fimop and Genie B floor cleaning machines scrub and dry a floor in just one pass, leaving surfaces completely safe to walk on immediately. Larger models of power sweepers and scrubbing machines also include a range of safety features which can be customised to suit customers’ specific peak-time environments.

2. Cost Saving

Another immediate benefit of using floor cleaning machines during the day is a reduction in contract costs associated with night-time pay rates. Energy bills can also be positively impacted – particularly in large centres – by reducing the need for after-hours lighting.

Leading cleaning industry information resource, CleanLink, indicates that day-time cleaning can save users between 15-25% in energy costs and between 5-10% in labour costs.

3. Presentation

In today’s busy environments, consumers expect to see greater levels of attention to safety and cleanliness and are at ease with quiet, modern floor cleaning equipment being used regularly during daylight and retail hours, especially in areas of high foot traffic.

Consumers and workers take the visibility of cleaners and floor cleaning equipment in action as proof of a facility’s commitment to cleanliness and safety.

Day-time cleaning means premises always remain in pristine condition, look attractive to users, and offer a safe, pleasant experience.