As global warming continues to pose an existential threat to our planet, more and more businesses are taking an active stance to reduce their impact and are adopting clearly defined environmental policies. Recycling programs, paperless offices and green manufacturing practices are just a few popular approaches of which you may be familiar. But what about cleaning practices?

Chemical use, excess water consumption and emissions each pose environmental risks. However, environmentally conscious suppliers the world over are developing new cleaning innovations to address these key concerns, with protecting the environment at front of mind.

Conquest are continually searching for environmentally friendly floor cleaning solutions to address growing concerns, travelling to global industry trade fairs such as IFAT Munich and ISSA Amsterdam in pursuit of the latest technological advancements.

Here we share with you some of the solutions featured in our range, that will help your achieve a greener clean at your facility.

Emission Free Battery Technology

Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases continues to be one of the most fundamental objectives of true environment advocates. At Conquest, we offer floor cleaning solutions that feature advanced battery technology for reduced emissions output, perfect for enclosed spaces and the environmentally conscientious among us. Employing industry leading technology such as energy efficient AC powered motors, Conquest is able to offer improved run time by up to 50%!

The Conquest PB160E is leading the way in powerful, battery operated industrial floor sweeping technology. For more, read: When Quiet, Emission Free Floor Sweeping Is Paramount.

Reduced Water Consumption

The responsible and sustainable use of natural resources is ever at front of mind for those who demonstrate a strong concern for environment. Within the Conquest, many of our floor scrubbers feature technology specifically aimed at reducing water consumption, such as onboard water recycling, independent water and chemical dosing mechanisms, pre-programmed dosing systems and oscillating scrubbing technology to name a few.

Read our 4 Tips to Reduce Water Use During Commercial Cleaning for advice to minimise water use and reduce waste during floor cleaning at your facility.

Chemical Free Floor Cleaning

Toxic chemicals as commonly used in cleaning applications generate a number of storage and safety challenges for businesses, not to mention posing a significant risk to the environment. Marine life is at particular risk of inappropriately disposed chemical waste and run off.

Conquest specialize in chemical free floor cleaning solutions, offering a range of solutions with featuring innovations that enable operators to work harder without the need for added chemical. The Conquest Edge series is particularly adept to chemical free scrubbing and stripping, centered on oscillating technology applied with adequate down pressure to penetrate into porous surfaces to virtually eliminate the need for toxic chemicals.

Browse the Conquest Edge orbital floor scrubber range for more information regarding our chemical free floor cleaning solutions.



In Part 6 in our video mini-series, hear from our passionate team regarding their expertise and enthusiasm in offering environmentally friendly floor cleaning solutions in support of your businesses environmental policies.