Regardless of the form it comes in, a floor scrubber affords a deep and unrivalled clean on hard floor surfaces. Large ride-on industrial cleaners are equipped to cover wide areas at a healthy pace, while smaller walk-behind models are more adept at maintaining smaller floor spaces.

Investing in a floor scrubber also makes financial sense, replacing labour-intensive and costly manual processes whilst promoting a safer working environment.

No matter where they are used, floor scrubber machines are guaranteed to clean your floor at a high rate of efficiency, and the impacts immediately felt throughout your business – from your employees to your customers.

Floor Scrubbers Are Easier to Use Than You Might Think

The technology underlying a floor scrubber may sound complicated, with terminology thrown around such as cylindrical, orbital and disc format; and each format does offer different outcomes.

However, these tools are presented in such a simple way that most operators can use them without too much training or ongoing support.

Typically, the use case for each button and lever is labelled with a clear definition on the machine’s operation panel. Some newer models, such as the Conquest Magna, even feature intuitive LED touch screen control panels with built-in training videos. Each system has been streamlined so that operator training is a quick process. Printed manuals and training videos are a great reference ongoing, where available from your supplier.

Once you are in the driver’s seat of the machine (some commercial floor scrubbers can also be walked-behind), you can instruct the machine to inject water onto the floor from a clean water solution tank. The scrubbing motion and down pressure is then activated, and the dirty water is collected via the squeegee into the waste water tank. All of this happens in unison, and typically takes just a single pass to achieve deep cleaning results, leaving the floor immediately dry and ready to walk on without the risk of slipping.

Taking Care of Cleaning Machines is a Must

Of course, there are some quick daily maintenance that must be done to keep scrubbers working in peak operational condition. Before each use, inspect the machine for signs of damage and wear. Pay particular attention to the squeegee and replace blades if showing signs of wear or damage. Also check the scrub deck, and again replace pads/brushes if showing signs of wear or damage. If applicable, check the battery fluid levels or refill fuel tanks if indicating low. Fill the solution tank with clean water and you’re ready to go!

At the end of each shift, waste water collected should be disposed carefully over an appropriate drain, avoiding skin contact. Be sure to return scrubbing machines with rechargeable batteries to the manufacturer approved charging dock, for a full recharge.

So while the terminology may sound complicated, floor scrubbers are nothing to fear! They are deeply intuitive, highly effective and not too difficult to maintain.

If you’d like to learn more about Conquest Equipment’s extensive range of industrial floor cleaning machines and how easily they can be used, contact us for a free on-site assessment.

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