We are proud to introduce a revolutionary range of diamond commercial floor scrubber pads. The perfect addition to your Conquest Edge oscillating floor scrubber, Twister diamond floor pads feature billions of microscopic diamonds to produce astonishing cleaning and polishing results on hard floor surfaces. It’s the easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to commercial and industrial floor scrubbing.

But that’s just the short story. It gets even better…

Light Work of Heavy Scrubbing

Sometimes better results come from working harder. But with Twister diamond pads for Conquest Edge scrubbing machines, the opposite is true. By cleaning and polishing at the same time, you can achieve long-lasting, high-quality results. In fact, the results are so good that periodic maintenance may have just become a thing of the past. The reason for this is simple: by micro-polishing the floor, you create a mechanically densified surface with increased resistance to dirt and wear. That’s why high gloss is more than just an aesthetic feature.

Effective Daily Floor Cleaning

There is ordinary daily cleaning, and then there is “high-clean-high-gloss-no-need-for-periodic-maintenance” daily cleaning. Because results matter, we are all about the latter. And you can accomplish all of this on a daily basis, at a lower cost, without any extra work.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Just add water for an effective yet sustainable clean. Fitting your Conquest Edge orbital floor scrubber with a Twister diamond pad allows you to achieve a 100% chemical free clean with exceptional results. For a deeper clean or use in applications with stringent hygiene protocols, chemical use may be limited to reduce the environmental impact of contaminated waste.

Twister diamond pads are also exceptionally tough, proven to outlast traditional comparative pad types. With increased longevity, you will experience a significant reduction in consumable waste.

Safer and Healthier Workplaces

Chemical free cleaning equates to safer cleaning procedures, improving the working conditions of operators and creating a healthier environment for visitors to your facility. The risks associated with disposing of chemically contaminated waste water are also lessened, promoting safer daily maintenance practices.

Micro-polishing the floor with Twister diamond pads also promotes slip-resistance, by mechanically densifying the floor surface. As an added bonus, this also promotes resistance to dirt and wear.

Save Time, Save Money

From an economic viewpoint, the chemical free clean you can achieve with Twister diamond pads for your Conquest Edge floor scrubber means no more money down the drain – literally! But this solution increases cost-efficiency in more ways than one. It helps reduce the need for periodic maintenance. It lowers the life-cycle costs for flooring, by offering the possibility to refurbish floors. It reduces effort and keeps labour to a minimum. And it makes floors easier to keep clean ongoing, with a perfect finish every time.

Exclusively available from Conquest, we have a Twister diamond pad to fit every Conquest Edge floor scrubbing machine. So, for impressively clean and shiny hard floor surfaces with all the added benefits, contact us to book a free onsite demonstration and see the difference for yourself.