Introducing the latest in floor cleaning innovation from Conquest: the Maxima 50BT scrubbing machine!

Don’t be fooled by the striking appearance and compact scale. The Maxima floor scrubber machine is jam-packed with clever design features for enhanced performance and safety in one sturdy and powerful package.

Discover why Conquest’s Maxima 50BT is the clever way to clean…

Workplace Health & Safety

Because workplace health and safety is paramount, the Maxima comes standard with a full set of safety features.

An emergency stop button allows immediate deactivation of the scrubbing machine, with the single press of a button. A powerful 3-stage vacuum motor leaves the floor immediately dry and safe to walk on, while the electrobrake automatically activates when the machine comes to rest.

Well-considered ergonomic features minimise discomfort for simple and effortless operation, even with extended use.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

The cleverly sleek-but-sturdy design is engineered especially to prevent damage from accidental impact, featuring a polyethylene casing and aluminium componentry to extend machine life, save on costly emergency repairs and reduce downtime.

Colour-coding of parts that require daily cleaning enables quick and easy identification, ensuring your commercial scrubbing machine is maintained at optimal working condition at all times.

Improved Productivity

Conquest’s Maxima floor scrubber machine is equipped with solutions conceived to give you the best result within the shortest time possible, and at the lowest cost.

Extra-large solution and recovery tanks allow extended cleaning between refills. Power Mode allows operators to tackle even the most challenging floors and brush pressure is kept consistent, to achieve a perfect clean in a single pass on any hard floor surface.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

The Eco Mode function helps prevent water, detergent and energy consumption by using only the required quantities and nothing more.

When the machine is idle, the brush motor, the vacuum motor, the traction and detergent pump will turn off automatically, reducing costs and emissions.

A Clever Conquest Cleaning Solution

Safe, sturdy, speedy and environmentally sound. Conquest’s Maxima 50BT commercial floor scrubber is the clever way to clean.

Recommended for supermarkets, warehouses, production facilities, gymnasiums, retail showrooms and workshops.

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