Did you realise when you mop all you are doing is spreading dirt and bacteria?

Studies have proven that even the best maintained mop, with regular rinsing and constant refreshing of the solution in the mop bucket can only remove 30% of the soil off a floor.

When we mop a floor it appears clean but in effect what we have done is to even out the soil levels so that the floor is evenly dirty across the entire surface.

On the contrary an automatic scrubber dryer that puts down fresh solution, scrubs the floor then vacuums it dry can remove 75% of the soil in a single pass. With multiple passes and regular cleaning it is possible to get close to 100% soil removal and a really ‘clean’ floor.

Many recently mopped floors have been cleaned with a scrubber dryer soon afterwards with amazing results.

So do your facility a favour and book a free demonstration today with Conquest to see how even the smallest floor scrubber dryer can improve the image of your floors and more importantly actually remove the dirt and bacteria that is lodging there while you mop.