When choosing commercial floor cleaning equipment, the speed or energy efficiency of a floor sweeper are often two of the biggest considerations. Yet, other factors such as noise reduction, battery life and reduced emissions can be equally important factors in making the right choice.

For example, a large warehouse may not have sufficient outlets for the release of hazardous emissions, posing a risk to machine operators and team members alike. Similarly, food warehousing facilities like dry or cold store distribution outlets must keep products free from possible contamination generated by emissions from equipment such as cleaning machines.

Fortunately, Conquest’s PB160E industrial sweeper is ideal for effective floor cleaning in sensitive or tightly regulated environments. With its carefully designed features this power sweeper has been specifically developed to overcome the challenges that cleaning in enclosed warehouses or noise-sensitive areas creates.

Conquest’s PB160E’s advanced battery technology emits zero emissions, completely negating any risk of adverse effects from fumes accumulating in a confined space. This makes the PB160E an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional warehouse cleaning machines, contributing to a safe and healthy working environment.

The PB160E’s A/C battery technology offers yet another advantage. Its 50 per cent increased run time of around 4 hours generates real operational efficiencies for large warehouses, logistics depots, loading bays, hard stands and the like.

The noise produced by commercial cleaning equipment can often be problematic, particularly so if the operating environment demands quiet conditions, such as universities, hospitals and schools. Even shopping centres, require machines that won’t detract from the shopping experience by exposing customers to excess noise or fumes inside the centre and car parks. Equally importantly, residents of neighbouring houses and apartments don’t want their sleep disrupted by the noise of sweepers operating during the night.

In these scenarios, the benefits of the PB160E’s extremely quiet operating level of a mere 75.5dB allows it to go about its work round the clock with minimal noise spill and maximum safety.

The advanced technology behind Conquest’s PB160E offers customers a quiet, emission-free industrial sweeper that boasts an exceptional run time. If you’d like to know more about its many features and how it can benefit your business, give Conquest a call on 1800 826 789 today.