Conquest are proud to introduce the latest innovation in commercial cleaning equipment, the Conquest PB110 ride-on floor sweeper.

The intuitive Conquest PB110 ride-on floor sweeper delivers battery saving technology by only engaging the vacuum and broom when the accelerator pedal is pushed, unlike traditional sweepers which engage as soon as the floor cleaner is switched on.

Featuring a main broom plus a single side broom with an optional on board vacuum, the Conquest PB110 delivers a dust-free and effective clean especially for medium to large commercial and industrial spaces.

With the operator in mind, the PB110 ride-on sweeping machine boasts two separate waste hoppers, making it easy to empty, while the wheel-out debris hopper and superior dust control take on the heavy lifting for you. An electric filter cleaner automatically shakes the filter, allowing dust to naturally fall without having to manually removing it – and all with the simple flick of a switch.

An impressive turning circle and manoeuvrability improves ease of use, while the solid, puncture-proof tyres won’t lose pressure over time and require ongoing less maintenance. Built tough, the heavy duty, powder-coated steel, corrosive resistant body will withstand the harshest of operating environments. The large, 65L powder-coated steel hopper is built to resist cracking and warping and allows for longer use before emptying.

New and innovative technology produces longer periods of hard floor sweeping in all conditions. The self-levelling, spring-loaded brush performs across a variety of different surfaces, eliminating the need to manually adjust brushes to improve efficiency. The simple and effective design features directly connected motors driving the rear wheels, resulting in less moving parts.

Available in Battery (E) or Petrol (SH) powered models, the Conquest PB110 floor sweeper maintains the quality you have come to expect from Conquest sweepers with added features ensuring that you work smarter not harder- making the PB110 the clever way to clean.

Contact us for more information on the PB110 or arrange a free onsite demonstration at your facility.