Finding a clever cleaning solution tailored to our customer’s needs is what drives the team at Conquest.

Listening to customer feedback, the effective and safe cleaning of wet areas around pool decks and in leisure centres was identified as a common floor cleaning challenge. Satisfactory results in wet areas is so difficult to achieve, particularly white calcium marks and water stains likely caused by surfaces remaining damp and the addition of chlorine.

National Sales Manager Ben Mathews, took on the challenge of investigating different options to determine the best commercial cleaning equipment for the task. Ben discovered that the various solutions previously road-tested proved ineffective, including truck mount steam machines, acid, chemicals and more.

After much consideration and research, the team recommended the Edge Stick Orbital Scrubbing Machine. Edge Series cleaning equipment by Conquest with the addition of the Edge Specialised Foam Pad accomplished unrivalled results in wet areas due to the extreme down pressure of the machine, and combined with high speed oscillation.

Operator safety is always front-of-mind for Conquest when recommending a floor cleaning solution. The Edge Stick machine assists in minimising the risk of incidents, such as slipping or falling into water, with simple-to-use operation and easy manoeuvrability around edges and in tight spaces. Better still, the Edge Stick can achieve impressive results, without the need of adding harsh chemicals. The photos speaks for themselves!

To learn more about how the Edge Orbital Scrubbing Machine can assist with your floor cleaning challenges, visit our website. Similarly, if you have a challenging area requiring a clever cleaning solution, contact our Sales Team regarding our Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP).