Water is a precious resource within Australia and we are in desperate need to conserve as much as possible. The recommendation is that every human consumes 2 litres of water a day, and with 7.4 billion people in the world, that is 14.8 Billion litres a day, just needed to sustain the human race!


Our small brains struggle with these large numbers and most say, what can I do about it? Well when it comes to the cleaning industry we can all do our part.

Many industrial facilities are still using wash hoses which pump out thousands of litres of water, most of which flows straight down the drain. Other more Eco-Friendly sites have made the change to automatic scrubbers which reduce water usage to a fraction of what the hoses use, give a better result and increase hygiene levels by drying the floor as well.

The traditional auto scrubber has been in use for over 50 years now and many don’t realise that now in the 21st century there are new technologies that reduce solution usage and in some instances eliminate the use of water at all.


One of these technologies is the orbital scrubbing machines. These machines use a rectangular head which oscillates at high speed. Compared to the traditional rotary machine which throws the water outwards, the orbital machine retains the solution in the pad. This results in a massive 70% reduction in solution usage.

The other impressive fact is that these orbital machines can be used for chemical-free floor sealer removal which can be done dry or with a small amount of water. Compared with the traditional methods where floors are flooded with solution this is a truly amazing water saving breakthrough.