Winter is here, and with it a range of new cleaning challenges. The likelihood of water being brought in with guests to your facility increases during rainy or wet seasons, as does the potential for mud and other debris to be tracked in on shoes.

Developing a seasonal cleaning regime can help your team maintain cleaning efficiency throughout the year.

Your facility may need more frequent cleaning during winter, and less during spring. Your foyer may have leaves blown inside during autumn that are not an issue during summer. Some areas of your facility may experience more or less traffic during different seasons due to fluctuations in your industry. For instance, a retail environment may require more cleaning in the lead up to Christmas when shoppers are plentiful.

Here are some basic things to consider by season.



  • Does water enter the facility with guests? Is there adequate matting to ensure guests have clean, dry shoes on entry?
  • Do the floors become dirtier faster with the wet weather?
  • Are there any known leaks in the facility that may cause damage during wet weather?
  • Are there areas of the facility that see more or less traffic during the season?
  • Are your staff aware and equipped to eliminate potential slip hazards if water is left on the floor?
  • Winter colds are often spread in the workplace. Does your facility require more frequent sanitisation of counters, door handles or desks at this time?


  • Does your cleaning equipment have adequate dust filtering? Spring is a pollen heavy season that causes discomfort for many. Effective vacuuming/sweeping can minimise that risk to health, and may be required more frequently.
  • Is there adequate matting at entry points to collect debris from guests’ shoes as they enter?
  • Are there areas that see an increase or decrease in traffic during this period?


  • Does the drier weather see an increase of dust in your facility? A sweeper or vacuum with excellent dust control will help improve indoor air quality during this season.
  • Does foot traffic within the facility increase or decrease? What areas change?
  • Is there enough matting at the entrance to catch debris as it is brought in?


  • If your facility has an entry point direct to the outside, do you see an increase in plant materials and other debris blown in?
  • Are some areas of the facility used more or less during this time? Where is it best to focus your cleaning energy?
  • Does your matting system, if you have one, adequately stop dirt and debris from being brought into the facility?

Looking closely at how your facility changes with the seasons will enable you to develop a clever cleaning regime that responds to the facility’s needs.

Be flexible and critical of each process, take the time to review what is and isn’t working at regularly. A building that maintains clean presentation with once-a-week cleaning during autumn may not fare as well in winter, or vice-versa.

Every facility is different, and every business has different needs. What seasonal cleaning challenges do you face?

Need some advice on how to clean more cleverly this winter? Conquest has the answers. Give us a call and organise a site assessment today.