The Challenge

A large retail supermarket was preparing to open a new store in Alderley (QLD), and their builder was desperate to get the carpark cleaned up in time for the Grand Opening. With time rapidly passing, the builder contacted the team at Active Hire to get a floor scrubbing machine to site ASAP.

Active Hire quickly found they were unable to source a machine in Brisbane and called on Conquest for assistance. Timing was critical given that the builder required delivery of the hire machine by Thursday, for use the following day. However, Active Hire were confident they could rely on Conquest.

XR Ride on Floor ScrubberThe Solution

Led by Key Account Manager Tony Millar, the Conquest team in Brisbane jumped into action to source a machine fit for purpose.

Tony, and the team at Active Hire, collaboratively determined the most suitable machine would be the XR Scrubber due to the driver-friendly features and the unmatched performance.

With stock held in Melbourne and standard lead times of up to 3 days, the overnight turnaround was a big ask! But understanding the gravity of the situation, and despite countless attempts to organise transport, Conquest fully committed to getting the job done by any means possible.

XR Ride on Floor Scrubber in actionThe Result

By working closely with Active Hire and understanding the weight their customer’s deadline, Tony and the Conquest team went above and beyond, tearing down all the barriers to timely delivery.
The XR Scrubber was loaded onto a trailer and two dedicated members of Conquest’s Victorian sales team drove over 1,400kms, to ensure personal delivery on site within 24 hours of the enquiry being received.

As a result, Active Hire satisfactorily succeeded in meeting their own customer’s needs, to ensure the job was completed in time for the grand opening event.